The Matches on New Ruege
Three matches were held on New Ruege's Combat Field in the Leonide System...


The two demon captains, Xarz'ycus and Arkzilipul, brought their teams into the arena simultaneously as most of the crowd began to jeer and hiss. Goth Garal hissed right back at them as his team set up their field positions. Arkzilipul had his eyes on the Prince and commanded The Fallen One to stand near him. The Fallen One stared at Arkzilipul in anger and the two stopped and looked at each other in defiance. Kos’Bargithd unsheathed his three-foot long sword and pointed the tip at Archan Singazer’s chin. The Fallen One raised his brows in anger and focused his eyes at the tall, thin demon.

An internal battle was about to begin before the match even started until Macabray, the new Ophidian gladiator, walked between The Fallen One and Kos, lifting up the massive sword with his bare and mutated hand. The weapon cut a wound into the rough char-colored flesh but he didn’t seem to feel it.

Macabray’s action broke the tension on his team and got them focused for the match. Goth Garal attempted to start things off with a quick Psi attack to Macabray, but his opponent was able to resist and used a cape of viral spores to cover the nearby area. Prince of Gates and Arkzilipul began to portal in their minions as Garal and Singazer got into a disease-infested grapple.

Macabray made short work of H’Ronka before the alien could activate a machine he was working on. Kos’Bargithd hacked Poc Shot with hungry chops of his reaver, killing the demon-child. Prince of Gates and Arkzilipul had a handful of minions out. A new Krevloc breed charged a Drosh warrior, ripping it to shreds, even after Drosh had shot at two-foot hole in it. A nameless turvian soldier blasted a lockjaw into ashes and placed his foot on its smoking carcass.

Goth Garal rose up from a mangled Fallen One and charged Macabray. Arkzilipul and The Prince of Gates faced each other after their minions failed to gain a significant advantage for them. Kos’Bargithd went to help his master and attacked the Prince from behind. Suddenly, Jean Splice entered the arena, a reinforcement gladiator on the Prince’s team. She sparked with electricity and rushed up to Arkzilipul, scratching the demon’s face with poisoned claws.

Macabray and Garal unloaded a hail of fists and claws to each other. Macabray was full of adrenaline (or something like it) and exploded violent attacks against Goth Garal. The demon could not withstand much more punishment and decided to retreat and attempt to poison Macabray from a distance. As he sent toxic fumes toward Macabray, they seemed to vanish against a field surrounding the creature. This questing force absorbed much of the Bio-tek impact, leaving Goth Garal a harmless threat.

Macabray, however, was able to unleash some viral agents which weakened the two captains, Xarz’ycus and Arkzilipul. Kos and Jean were out of the match and the captains were locked in another grapple. As Arkzilipul recovered quicker and attempted to lay a final attack on the Prince, Goth Garal tackled the devourer of souls giving the Prince a chance to unleash a powerful Bio-tek attack. Xarz’ycus hit both Macabray and Arkzilipul with an atomic jostle which killed the wounded Arkzilipul. Macabray was still alive and in a furious state. Garal tried to get close, but Macabray killed him too and the Prince’s last ounce of energy was lost, which enabled Macabray to finish off the demon as well. With that, Macabray brought Arkzilipul’s team to victory.


Next, Ryla and her team faced off against Cray Phillips’ team which featured the newcomer, Jana. Cray picked Ryla and Simon as his prey for the match and mounted a Helix Gun Pod to aid him in his attack. Version 9 went after Mannequin, trying to prevent the symbiote from creating any help. Madame Petice tried to hold off Jana and Berserker.

Cray Phillips got Ryla in a death grip and cracked her bones as she was clawing away at his chest and arms with her poisoned talons. Simon managed to elude him and helped Mannequin trap Version 9 within spiral coils. The coils squeezed Version 9 so hard his arms were shutdown.

Jana, with the help of Cray and Berserker, unleashed a dozen sparking robots, little remote controlled vehicles that zapped their opponents as they got near. As a result of this flood of machinery, Mannequin was destroyed and Simon was wounded. Cray Phillips was taken out of the match as well due to the toxins in his body from Ryla.

Madame Petice took charge and, summoned an air spirit. A beautiful spirit clothed in a revealing white dress finished off Version 9 with a gust of wind, sending him high and dropping him with tremendous force. Jana attacked the Madame and sent her crashing to the ground. Meanwhile, Berserker activated a berserk bot to thrash her away.

Jana offered Simon a chance to surrender which he did after he saw another berserk bot heading for him. As it looked like the team had one, Madame Petice got up to her elbows and tried to attack Jana with one last Psi attack. Jana blocked it off and Madame Petice fainted. Cray Phillips raised Jana’s hand and the crowd accepted the new gladiator and her team as the winners.


Freakshow’s team was met with a warm welcome, especially since The Stallion was on it. Lothar’s team boasted the new gladiator, La Sinja Tempora, and together, she and Leonide’s favorite Lothar got a warm welcome. Earlier, it was announced that Lothar's resurrection privileges have been suspended for an unannounced period of time. The fans got on their feet and booed the announcer; this news meant that if Lothar died in a match, he would not be resuscitated.

Lothar was looked at the announcer as if he had been betrayed, but he didn’t do anything, as if he knew this was going to happen. La Sinja adjusted her tight-fitting armor and her eye CEM. Opac Sentir and La Sinja stared at each other for a minute as if they were having a conversation with their eyes. Freakshow put a hand on Opac’s shoulder and motioned that he would handle the newbie. Though La Sinja was not new to gladiator fighting, she took a combat position and motioned Freakshow to give it his best shot.

Freakshow took out a Nukatal Boom-Rang and launched it at La Sinja who arched her back and twisted at her waist, dodging the weapon. She took out a short blade and sliced it in half as it came back to Freakshow. The fans were impressed with her precision and cheered her on.

Meanwhile, Lothar and Opac locked blades. The spectral being slashed and sliced while at the same time he used his mental trickery to throw Lothar off his rhythm. Lothar normally didn’t let psychological pressure bother him, however, Opac’s Psi abilities were strong, that coupled with the fact that if he died he would not come back had Lothar a bit distracted. Still, the alien releases a trio of diseases, each one different in its effects. One would try to slow down Sentir, the other would blind him, and the third would cause an itchy rash on Opac’s face.

The Stallion put on a pair of Spiked fists and battled Clawjack Magunny while Bull’s Eye fought off Taa Ra.

Freakshow tried to place an aura against La Sinja, but she was able to use her inner strength and cast if off without much problem. At the same time she was using her connections with the spirit world to attack Freakshow. It was working, Freakshow began to back off, trying to regain his balance and try a new strategy.

After stunning Taa Ra, Bull’s Eye gave Opac a break, saving him from the cumulative effects of the Lord of Contagion’s diseases. Opac was able to stand off to the side, give The Stallion a signal and jump on a pole in the arena. The Stallion lured Clawjack to the pole, and together he and Opac pounced on the Cybernetics gladiator, knocking him out of the event.

The baited defense worked, but Hammerhands immediately replaced CJ and charged after Opac.

La Sinja blasted Freakshow with a torrent of fire, knocking him into the audience. A mob of fans began to grab Freakshow and rip off his clothes.

Now regaining consciousness, Taa Ra got her revenge on Bull’s Eye and unleashed her inner fury against him. Bull’s Eye was knocked out cold. Then, Taa Ra joined Hammerhands in his fight against Opac. Opac used his Psi powers and focused his third eye to give him some advantage. It worked. He was able to slice Taa Ra and Hammerhands and kill them with his deadly blades. As he staggered to Lothar, the doors to the arena burst and Walter “Boom-boom” Drake ran in to help his team.

Freakshow was able to get away from his fans and attack La Sinja. Together they grappled on the floor. Freakshow in a rage caused La Sinja to drop her blade.

The fans all stood up and began to chant Stallion and Lothar as those two gladiators were paired off. All attention had shifted to see what would happen between the two gladiators from the Leonide System. Stallion bumped his two spiked fists together calling Lothar to try his best. Lothar swung his sword with an overhead attack but the Stallion caught it with his gloves. However, the gladiator left his front wide open and Lothar capitalized and stabbed the human in the stomach with his other blade. The crowd cheered mightily as Lothar finished him off, but suddenly Opac tumbled into him knocking him down.

La Sinja was able to get away from Freakshow and noticed what was going on. As Opac stood up and was about to finish off Lothar with his claws, she rushed to his rescue and knocked into Opac, laying him on the floor. Before she could get up though, Freakshow passed Lothar and charged La Sinja, trying to finish off their duel. La Sinja was thrown right next to her sword. With a roll she picked it up. Freakshow was charging at her powered up with a possessed energy. As he attacked her, she ducked and swung her sword, hitting him on the back of his neck, severing his head from his shoulders.

The fans shouted a bloodthirsty cheer at the fatality. And once again as Lothar recovered his swords and plunged one into Opac’s chest, killing the last of their opponents and causing a frenzy among the fans. The match was over and Lothar and La Sinja looked at each other with tired eyes and then raised each other’s hands in victory. The crowd was pleased at the show and began to throw their drinks into the arena as Lothar and La Sinja walked out.

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