Goth Garal
VP: 3
Name: Gothu Lub'rad Ngaral
Type: Demon
Gender: Male
Origin: Outworlds
Disciplines: Psi / Bio-tek
Biography and Timeline

He used to be the leader of a gang of villains who worked for hire in and around the Outworlds, an untamed area of space frequented only by criminals and space pirates. While stealing top secret genetic codes, his brother (and fellow partner) was caught. With a "guarantee" that Ophidian would free his brother, he signed a contract and is now a prisoner of the Ophidian Empire. He serves out his sentence in the arenas and is always looking for ways to stir up trouble.

2336 Mercenary, Goth Garal, is arrested a few days after a lab break-in and sentenced to serve time in Gasherdel Prison, B Sector.
2337 Goth Garal is contracted by the Ophidians and sent to training in Yashrad.
2341 Goth Garal (and his team) makes the top ten in the Portal-Bio Unrestricted Combat Games in the Raskelan System. He earns a 1VP title.
2342 Goth Garal earns a 2VP rank in a handicap 4 gladiators vs 3 match.
2344 Goth Garal earns a 3VP rank in Gasherdel’s Prisoner Tossup Tournament (3-on-3-on-3) Elimination Finals.



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