Line Match Tournament Results
Here are the results of the first line match...

Cray Phillips, Trace, and Berserker vs The Fallen One, Goth Garal, and PK

Both teams arrived in their respective shelters located at both ends of the arena. The first gladiator to step out was PK and the Raskelon fans cheered like mad! In Cray Phillips' area, there was an argument. It looked like both Cray and Berserker wanted to fight PK first. Berserker ran past Cray, and before Cray could stop him, the Keepers locked him off from entering the arena. Cray was mad and smashed the wall, but watched the match anyway.

PK and Berserker started preparing their minions. PK brought in two Turvians. Berserker brought a bomb-laying minion and his symbiote spiders. PK told his Turvians to stay back and keep an eye out for the spiders as he tried to take out Berserker's robot. Berserker frantically tried to program something on a panel, but by that time PK had severely damaged the bomb-layer. Cray shouted something to Berserker, but Berserker told him to shut-up!

PK then flew at Berserker and kicked him in the chest. The crowds shouted and Goth Garal raised his arms from his area. Berserker got up and attacked PK. PK stumbled but then looked at Berserker with such intensity that Berserker ran to his spiders in fear. PK chased him and tried to hit him again but the spiders blocked the attack. PK tripped as he narrowly missed another bomb from Berserker's robot.

Then PK's minions ran into the field and destroyed the bomb-layer, however one of them was destroyed in the assault. It didn't matter to the fans, they loved it all.

PK opened up another portal and out came a huge Iron Monster. Berserker brought in some more spiders. Then PK and his demonic minion trapped Berserker and eliminated him from the match. The fans cheered.

However, Cray Phillips quickly ran out of his area and charged the Iron Monster and took him out with one big tackle. PK was surprised but quickly attacked Cray. Cray distracted PK, reducing the attacks effectiveness. PK looked behind him but no one was there--a sign that Cray was using his mental abilities on the demon. PK shook it off and opened up a huge portal off to the side. Fog entered the arena from the portal and large vines and pods leaked out. The pods were beating like huge hearts.

Cray looked at the larvae fields and paused to calculate his next action. The Fallen One signaled to PK and PK nodded. Then, PK portalled in a gelatinous creature with a translucent body and long tentacles. It attacked Cray, almost swallowing him up. Cray got out of it, but he was covered with slime. PK went to attack him again, but Cray got out of the way. PK grabbed his head in madness and Cray tackled him, eliminating him from the match.

Goth Garal Jumped in and had the remaining Turvian charge Cray. Cray picked up Berserker's panel from before and use it to get the spiders to block, but the Turvian was wild with fury and managed to avoid the spider and hit Cray. Lucky for Cray, his huge size to the Turvian was like hitting a wall and the Turvian bounced off and fell. Then Cray kicked it five feet away, knocking it out of the match.

Now it was Goth Garal's turn as the spiders quickly crept up to him. Goth Garal used his Bio-tek abilities to corrode the spiders before they got to hit him. Now it was between Cray and Garal. They stood facing each other trying their mental abilities against the other. Both were weakening, and the already injured Cray seemed evenly matched with Garal. Then Goth Garal pointed behind Cray, but Cray didn't fall for it. However, Cray didn't know that from out of the larvae fields another Iron Monster had come out. It hit Cray in the temple and knocked the gladiator flat on his back.

The crowds cheered and laughed. Goth Garal stood over the unconscious body and shouted, "I'm taking his mask off!" The crowds shouted yes, and as Goth leaned over, Cray punched him in the face almost knocking him out. Cray got up and ducked the Iron Monster and went straight for Garal. Both of the brawled it out, but Phillips emerged victorious. None of the Raskelon fans cheered him tough, and this distracted Cray as The Fallen One entered the arena.

Cray, all bloody and tired told Singazer to do his best. Singazer put a glyph on the Iron Monster which made it more vicious. Then he brought out a horror which started to move towards Cray. Cray looked a bit scared, but he tried to prepare for the attacks. First the Iron Monster hit him and knocked him down. Then the horror crawled on him and started to feast upon Phillips. Cray panicked and screamed in terror and the fans screamed, imitating his cry. He was out of the match.

Now it was down to The Fallen One and Trace. She was scared and didn't want to go out. But if she didn't she would lose the match. Trace went out and The Fallen One had her surrounded on all sides. He waited for her to do something. She opened up a portal and out came a creature, but The Fallen One opened up a portal of his own and banished the creature. Then the horror was about to attack Trace but Singazer called it off. He then approached Trace and touched her chin and said give up now or be destroyed. Trace then kicked Singazer and he dropped to the floor gasping for air. The Iron Monster was about to attack Trace, but she put another glyph on him and he was destroyed. The horror attacked Trace and bit her on the neck. She started to panic. Singazer got up and infected Trace. Trace got up and looked at her arms in shock as they were starting to decay and fall apart. The match was over after that and The Fallen One's team had advanced.

We managed to get a word from Berserker and Cray Phillips...
Interviewer: Berserker! What happened at the beginning of the match?
Berserker: (angrily) That moron wanted to go before me. That would have ruined everything. He's supposed to go last! We are supposed to set him up, I can't believe this!
Interviewer: But as captain of the team, isn't he supposed to say who goes first and last?
Berserker: Captain my pie! I'm not listening to that brainless body.
(Cray shouts from the distance.)
Berserker: There's the loser now, why don't you ask him a few questions. (Berserker quickly walks away).
Interviewer: Cray! What happened at the beginning of the match?
Cray: That little guy wanted to go first... Against PK! I told them both I would go first and take all the opponents out myself, that way they don't have to worry about getting killed or whatever. With them two supporting me from a safe place, I could bring in strong minions and use power attacks of the mind, but he got impatient and messed it up for al of us.
Interviewer: Once you entered the arena, you cleaned house. You took out two of the three members of The Fallen One's team but got--
Cray: --But got far. Look at it, I took out PK and Goth Garal and would have been able to take out The Fallen One if Berserker stayed behind. I don't care. I know I'm right. Berserker has to learn to work with others.
Interviewer: How was it fighting in an arena where the majority of the fans were hissing at you?
Cray: I've been there before, visiting other planets and facing the home teams' fans. It's team pride and spirit, I understand. However, I DID feel as if they were taking the match personally. I know my fans and others were watching from home and away and I know they liked what they saw. MUCH LOVE FOR THE FANS! I love these games.
Interviewer: Cray, do you plan on going back to Topka Gar?
Cray: They made a mistake by keeping their games clean. Topka Gar will always be a part of my heart, and I will never forget it, but now Ophidian is my new game! (He leaves)
Interviewer: Well, you heard it here folks. Cray Phillips is here to stay.

We also got a few words from Goth Garal...
Goth Garal: (In a deep, guttural voice with a thick demon accent) Hello everyone! Your champ is here!
Interviewer: Goth Garal, you went head-to-head with Cray Phillips using your Psi abilities. How was it?
Goth Garal: Piece of cake, PK had already done the damage and softened him up. And he fell for my bluff too. HA HA HA.
Interviewer: At one point you tried to take off the mask. Why?
Goth Garal: I don't like masks. Show your face so I can see your expression as I crush you! (He leaves)
Interviewer: Goth Garal, ladies and gentlebeings, has spoken.

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