Lothar's Team vs. Lillith's Team
Tonight’s match took place on Solop Avagar at the Nova Yilsi Battle Center. Tens of thousands of Avagarsians showed up to see the match along with others, many of them carrying signs: ‘We Want Red Pariah’ and ‘Death to Goth Garal’. An announcement was made again before the match started that no one should try to claim the bounty on Goth Garal tonight for there will be security present to prevent such attempts.


The bloodthirsty fans filled the stadium to full capacity and impatiently awaited the match to begin. First, Lothar entered, followed by Maximillion, Pago, and Simon. They all seemed ready to fight, even Simon, who had been training with some of the gladiators in the past few weeks. Pago seemed a bit sad, but his energy levels raised when he faced the bright glare of the stadium lights and loud cheers of his avid fans (seemingly drowned out by Freakshow’s fans, supporting a gladiator not present in tonight’s match).

As he was starting to rally his side of the audience, Lillith and her two demon partners, Ryla and Goth Garal entered the arena. Pago made a sexually offensive but comical remark about Lillith which got the crowd to focus their anger away from Goth Garal. Lothar quickly slapped Pago’s skull cap off and gave the alien construct a stern look. Confused, Pago looked at Lothar as he picked up his cap and readied himself for combat.

The match began and Lothar charged past Pago and swung his blades toward Goth Garal. The crowd stood up in eager anticipation but suddenly Ryla vanished and reappeared in front of the attack, taking a hit under her ribs. The cut should have been deeper but the Mystic gladiator knew something Lothar or the crowd didn’t--the awesome preventative powers of Mysticism.

Maximillion, meanwhile lost no time charging up his own sword, glowing with an emerald aura of valor. Simon tainted Pago’s temper, causing the Raskelon gladiator to become more menacing. Lothar took a step back behind Pago who prevented Goth Garal from retaliating against Lothar. Pago’s protective stance also allowed Maximillion a better chance to step up and attack Goth Garal.

All this happened in a blur and unfortunately, Goth Garal was too late in realizing it and was sliced by Maximillion. The demon tumbled back but got up to his knees quickly as Lillith was able to prevent another attack from hitting him. The crowd booed to see Garal alive after two powerful attacks.

Ryla mutated Lillith, causing her bones to evolve into jagged spikes. Lillith now had an offensive edge as she held off future attacks from the opposing team.

Goth Garal got his revenge on Maximillion by infecting him with a foul plague. The bio-decay made Maximillion have the potential to harm his own team than hurt his opponents. However, Pago and Lothar edged him on and with that Maximillion attacked Ryla full force. Lillith’s healing powers seemed insufficient to save Ryla who was knocked unconscious. Toxic fumes escaped from Maximillion’s pores and Pago suffered the stench.

Goth Garal asked for Lillith’s help in attacking Pago with a wicked mind-raid as Maximillion dug deep into his war training and mustered up enough inner strength to release the bio-plague that Goth Garal had set on him.

Pago, ready to attack, ran in to the fray. To his team’s surprise and the audience’s pleasure, the 2 VP gladiator went after Lillith, who was pumped and dangerous. She was glowing with a fierce aura and her mutated bones were mighty wicked. Pago hit Lillith hard, but she hit back harder. Pago fell to the floor in a bloody mess.

Lothar’s team might have been temporarily down a gladiator, but the crowd’s favor returned to them with Pago’s sacrifice. Suddenly a group of fans ran into the field. Security guards waiting by the arena walls caught them all. Then another group of fans ran into the field. The match was momentarily stopped and Goth Garal was surrounded by some guards. The second group of would-be bounty hunters was stopped. The match resumed but had to stop again as a third group of Avagarsians rushed for Goth Garal. An announcement was made that Goth Garal would be pulled from the match if anyone else ran into the field.

Once the chaos was contained, the match resumed and Goth Garal was allowed to stay. However, he was distracted by the violent mob and was not fully able to avoid Lothar’s deadly swords. The first cut deep into Garal's arm and the second caught him in the throat. The fans cheered as the large demon fell face-forward gurgling and gasping for air.

Maximillion healed Pago and Lothar altered Simon’s arms with a special Lok Breed mutation. The Mystic’s hands merged together and turned into a huge cannon. Simon, half conscious from the evolution was unable to do anything on his own, but Pago and Maximillion Ran up to him and aimed him at Lillith. The Simon cannon discharged several rounds of fire to Lillith who dodged some but not all of the missiles. Lothar made sure Ryla and Goth Garal were finished as Lillith eventually fell. Maximillion and Pago held up Simon in victory.

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