VP: 3
Name: Unknown
Type: Demon
Gender: Female
Origin: Daemonhelm
Disciplines: Bio-tek / Mystic
Biography and Timeline

The presence of Ryla can be credited to the Prince of Gates. Some time ago, the Prince of Gates fought a legendary Ophidian match versus Kaleem, Keeper Prime, an aging, yet fierce and noble spirit-warrior. The battle was long and bloody. With healing and mind techniques, Kaleem had nearly defeated the Prince of Gates, making easy work of his portal demons and slowly chipping away at the Prince's endurance. In a last ditch effort, the Prince of Gates summoned Ryla, a champion morph-demon. The tide of battle shifted as Ryla tore through Kaleem's defense, and it was she who laid the final blow upon Kaleem. As Ryla stood over the remains of Kaleem, with the menacing laugh of her master in the background, something unexpected happened.
Kaleem, while defeated, was not gone, and he transferred a piece of his spirit to Ryla. With a piece of Kaleem inside her, she disowned the Prince of Gates, and escaped the arena before she could be returned to her dimension. She has vowed to destroy her former master in an Ophidian match.

2350 Prince of Gates portals in Ryla to destroy Kaleem during a match in Toreador, Ryla defeats him but he possesses her. Her glyph is broken and she is free from Prince of Gates’ power. She leaves the arena. The next day she signs up for the Ophidian League and is quickly granted access. During her assessment, she is automatically given a 3VP rating as a result of her victory over Kaleem.



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