Striking Dragon vs Ryla Rematch Results
Here is the results of the rematch between Striking Dragon and Ryla...

The match, held in the underground Battlelands Arena on Daven's Hammer, was one that the Raskelons will talk about for a while. Human versus demon. As we all know, demons are almost worshipped in the Raskelon System and... well, humans are not.

When Striking Dragon entered the arena, the majority alien audience started shouting and hissing. Striking Dragon's brave fans cheered, but were drowned out by the Raskelons. When Ryla entered the arena, the crowd stood on their feet and started pounding their fists into their open hands, one of the Battlelands' crowd motions.

Ryla started the match by infecting Naru Kami with an affliction, like she did in her previous matchup with him. The she mutated herself, in preparation for her strong attack. Kami kept himself calm and circled around Ryla, trying to find the best opportunity to strike. Ryla turned around and attacked the Dragon and the crowds cheered as he fell to the ground--but he quickly recovered and got up before Ryla could hit him again.

Ryla stood about a foot taller than Kami, but the size difference did not bother the confident fighter. He attacked her with a high-flying kick and connected! Ryla's neck almost snapped with the impact, but she just smiled a mean smile and infected Kami with another affliction.

Kami's skin was covered with a brown rash and he started to stumble. Ryla grew in size again and hit him. However, Kami used his martial arts skills to trap her arm and use her momentum to flip her. Her fans stood up and hissed while Kami's fans cheered him on as he delivered quick strikes to immobilize Ryla.

Ryla grabbed Striking Dragon by the mouth and threw him off her. He landed into a roll and got up, but as he advanced, he started coughing wickedly. Ryla had infected him again. As Ryla started her charge, Dragon seemed helpless to prepare. Ryla's mutated strength added more damage with her attack and Striking Dragon was hit hard, however, he delivered a well-paced counter strike and twisted Ryla's arm. Ryla screamed in pain as she fell to her knees and Dragon started delivering more deadly attacks.

The crowds were whipped up into a fury, but the bloody Striking Dragon remained focused. One mistake and he could lose the match.

He took a long war staff and spun it around his head and prepared to destroy the battered Ryla. Just then, Ryla dodged the attack, and infected the Dragon again. He dropped his staff and covered his eyes. Ryla got up and was about to finish off the Dragon, whose eyes had burst open! She tried to hit him with a contact disease, but as she reached out to grab him, he took a step back. Ryla was shocked! The Dragon was for sure blinded, but he dodged her attack as if he could see her. She shrugged it off and attacked and again the Dragon dodged it. His abilities were surely put to the test as he was fighting fatigue, disease, and injury. However, the crowd favor was shifting, away from Ryla--and toward the human! Dragon had impressed some of the more liberal aliens, but the majority were still hissing at him.

Ryla made another attack and again the Dragon stepped out of the way, but this time, he delivered a quick chop to the back of her neck. The crowds cheered!

Then Ryla stood still and took a deep breath. The Dragon tried to sense what she was doing. Ryla attacked him once more and he dodged again but then Ryla spit something out from her mouth and hit Kami with it. What ever it was, started to burn his skin on contact and as he screamed out, Ryla hit him with another disease. He managed to get another attack, but then he fell to his knees and passed out, losing the match. The entire arena cheered for both gladiators.

We managed to get some comments from Striking Dragon as he was being escorted by some Keepers...
Interviewer: Striking Dragon! You just fought against Ryla and lost, what have you to say?
Striking Dragon: (Wearing a medical device over his eyes) It was a good match. Ryla is a great opponent, she is able to adapt. I have learned a lot from fighting her.
Interviewer: At one point you were blinded. How did you possibly avoid those attacks!
Striking Dragon: A good fighter does not rely on one or two of his senses or abilities, he uses them all.
Interviewer: It must have been hard with the entire arena against you most of the time. Did that affect you in any way?
Striking Dragon: No, I was not distracted. It is more important to focus on the match than what is going on outside.
Interviewer: Did you notice that at one point the crowd's favor was shifting towards you?
Striking Dragon: I had not noticed it at the time, but I am glad they enjoyed the match.
Interviewer: What other gladiators would you want to face?
Striking Dragon: There are a few I have been watching and I think they would make great opponents, but I will not name them now.
Interviewer: Thank you Striking Dragon, and good luck!
Striking Dragon: Hai. (bows and leaves)

We also got Ryla to briefly comment...
(Ryla walks with a slight limp.)
Interviewer: Ryla! Congratulations on your match, how do you feel.
Ryla: (Without stopping) It is not wise to underestimate that man.
Interviewer: Did you underestimate him?
Ryla: No. I gave him my best. (she leaves)

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