16-Gladiator Tourney Results
Here are the second round quarter-final results of the 16-gladiator one-on-one tournament

Ryla vs The Stranger
In this incredible upset match, The Stranger matched Ryla pretty evenly early on, Distracting her and Weakening her focus. Her fans were definitely showing their support--and even fans of Kaleem were cheering for her. At a few points during the match, Ryla seemed confused though it seemed as if an outside source was effecting her. As she was struggling with herself, trying to shake off whatever it was that was distracting her, The Stranger snuck in a few more mental attacks. Right after that, Ryla got her act together and charged herself up. She was Slobbering and mad and attacked The Stranger. It looked like The Stranger would not last any longer, however, the match was stopped and The Stranger was declared the winner. The entire arena was about to riot when an announcer came out and said that Ryla had inflicted herself with a mutation that would kill her and it was never removed. The match was stopped a moment before she would have died because in a Massive Injury rules match (which this was) no gladiator was allowed to kill another, even oneself.

Both Ryla and Stranger declined an interview, but here is what a few of Ryla's fans had to say...
Interviewer: Here is a young man with a Ryla banner. Over here, what have you to say to Ryla?
Rasbep: Ryla! You're the best, I have all your posters! I love you! Woooo!
Interviewer: Sir, you have a Ryla shirt, what did you think of the match?
Markhal Toriatok: Ryla, I know Kaleem is in you! Don't let him get to you, I know that's what happened. No way The Stranger could beat you, no way!
(A Kaleem fan approaches.)
Frenando Ju'hli: Kaleem, we have faith in you!
Markhal Toriatok: No, Kaleem should leave!
Frenando Ju'hli: Kaleem makes Ryla strong and free.
(Another Kaleem fan approaches.)
Eric Csantin: No! Kaleem needs to be freed from Ryla and come back to us! Prince of Gates imprisoned his soul in Ryla after that match because he knew he couldn't kill him.
(Another fan approaches.)
Gratak Rotsenkis: You two are wrong, Kaleem and Ryla have to stay together, it's all part of his master plan.
(Another fan wearing a Prince of Gates headwear approaches.)
Helga Jinko: Kaleem is dead. Get over it! Price of Gates rules all. He can rule my dimension any day! Woooo!
(At this point, all the fans start arguing.)
Interviewer: Well, there you have it, Ryla? Kaleem? Two-in-one? The fans are undecided.

Madame Petice vs Berserker
In this long match, Berserker had his robot force constantly attacking Madame Petice. She in turn, used a couple of Otherworld sťances to balance things out. Berserker's rusted robots were starting to fall apart. He even had to call in his berserk bots, like Chronic Chainsaw and Br00zer. The Madame, as wounded as she was from all the attacks, still hung in there. Plus his robots were starting to drain his resources. Berserker desperately grabbed a couple of Phase Blades but just couldn't equip them properly. Madame Petice finished him off and won the match.

Version 9 vs Little Jinx
What a great match. Version 9 and Little Jinx had the crowd torn apart. Jinx had a whole bunch of minions including a pair of Iron Monsters, Drosh, and even some cheerleaders. Version 9 still had his bots from before and some new ones we hadn't seen this tournament, like Cage Bot--which almost swallowed Little Jinx, if not for her Iron Monster rushing in to save her. This is the point where Version 9 took advantage. He attacked the last remaining Iron Monster and Little Jinx jumped to save it, but Version 9 was using a pair of Phase Blades, and managed to hit the Iron Monster anyway. With the Iron Monster gone, Version 9 brutally attacked Little Jinx, throwing her around like a rag doll. Most of his fans were cheering, but some had joined with Little Jinx's and started to boo him. Even the cheerleaders jumped on his shoulders and started hitting him, but they couldn't stop him. At that point, Little Jinx had sustained Massive Injury and Version 9 won the match.

We managed to speak with Version 9 after his match...
Interviewer: Version 9! Congratulations on your match. would you care to comment?
Version 9: I am the best cyborg out there. My kind is the best and I am the best of my kind. No one can stand in my way.
Interviewer: It is rumored that Little Jinx is actually Freakshow's step sister. Does it bother you to know that Freakshow might be after you now?
Version 9: Freakshow is nothing but a bag of pompous air. He's a second rate punk with no real talent. If I were him, I would be careful not to mess with me, or else what I did to his sister would be nothing compared to what I will do to him. (Version 9 walks away calmly.)
Interviewer: That's it folks, Version 9. The man. The machine.

Maximillion vs PK
What an incredible upset! PK, who was billed as a 1VP gladiator defeated Maximillion a 3VP gladiator in a grueling match that had the fans nearly riot. PK kept building up a group of minions that were able to surround Maximillion and start wearing him down. Then, Maximillion Blasted a majority of PK's minions with a Surge of energy released from his EMP suit. At that point PK had to change his strategy and go in for aggressive hand-to-hand combat. And boy did his fans love that! What skill, what agility! Maximillion, who works better on a team was totally lost from PK's accurate and calculated attacks. Maximillion had to get away a couple of times, just to get his bearings together--and he did! He brought out his Sunder Maul. But PK was not scared, he was furious. He released all his minions and focused his remaining energy to avoiding Maximillion's attacks. Each time Maximillion attacked, PK portalled himself out of there, appeared behind his opponent, and counterattacked. Maximillion ran out of breath, but PK had a little more stamina. After that, Maximillion continued to fight to the bitter end, gaining new favor with the crowd, but lost the match to PK. At the end of the match, PK bowed to Maximillion and then disappeared! Everyone loved it and started to chant Four-V-P

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