16-Gladiator Tourney Results
Here are the second four results of the 16-gladiator one-on-one tournament

Ryla vs Striking Dragon
What an incredible match! Striking Dragon and Ryla were both on the aggressive, attacking and grappling with each other throughout. Striking Dragon started out with an excellent strategy (taking into consideration that he couldn't use his martial arts skills because of the discipline restriction). He set up with a Kinetic Shield, and a Demonic Combat Database program. Ryla, then countered with an interesting strategy of her own, she infected Naru Kami with Arthritic Bile, denying him the use of any weapons, like Phase Blades. Then she got herself all rabid and raging and then absorbed her mutation to grow in size and dish out more damage. Dragon's Database slowed her down, but didn't stop her. The match went on and as the Arthritic Bile wore off, Striking Dragon whipped out his Phase Blades. Fans on both sides were cheering and interacting with the gladiators trying to distract their favorite's opponent. Finally it came down to the last blow and Ryla, barely able to stand caught Striking Dragon with a vicious spin kick off the arena walls and knocked him out.

Berserker vs Taa Ra
In this interesting match, Taa Ra gained a lot of favor from the crowd and she even brought Ashley with her to get them going and help her distract her opponent. Berserker seemed as focused as usual but Taa Ra started things off. She kicked Berserker and hit him with a few mind-raids. Berserker brought out an Adapter Droid and used it to counter the effects of Taa Ra being One Step Ahead (this showed that Berserker did his homework on his opponent as usual). Berserker brought out an Arm of Draxile which he got for cheap because he had an inactive Draxile nearby. Taa Ra wrestled with the Arm before it got to attack and the fans loved it. Berserker brought out another Arm, this one hit Taa Ra. Then Berserker brought out a Ti Te To Tal Boom which really did a number on Taa Ra. She never got to Distract him because Berserker never attacked her. Taa Ra tried one last effect, a Love Tap, but finally, Berserker finished her off with Chronic Chainsaw.

We managed to get Berserker to answer a few questions after the match...
Interviewer: Berserker, congratulations on winning the match, would you care to make a statement?
Berserker: You are an idiot.
Interviewer: In the match, you used a lot of rustic robots--not your usual style, how come you didn't use any berserk bots?
Berserker: The answer is clear as a quadratic tri-helix equation... my berserk bots function better on teams, especially those which contain aggressive members. Since this was a one-on-one contest, they would not have been the right tools for the job, as one such as yourself might say.
Interviewer: What other amazing inventions will you come up with and when will you reveal them?
Berserker: Bah! Don't change the subject like that, we were talking about the match, it is illogical. And my inventions are none of your business. Now get lost or I'll call security!

Little Jinx gets the by

Version 9 vs Bull's Eye
Out of all the matches, this one had the biggest difference in crowd favor! Bull's Eye went purely defensive, using his Deck Cycle to continuously heal wounds. Version 9 went purely on the offensive and never let Bull's Eye frustrate him. He didn't even seem to notice that his fans were going crazy. Gradually, Version 9 built up a platoon of robots. Bull's Eye was almost at full health, Version 9's robot army--including Draxile--set up Bull's Eye for the finisher. Version 9 hit Bull's Eye with a tremendous uppercut. Just as Version 9 (and everyone else) thought Bull's Eye was knocked out, Bull's Eye got up as if nothing happened. It was only temporary though, and eventually Version 9 almost killed Bull's Eye with one double-handed strike!

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