Line Match Tournament Results
Here are the results of the final line match...

An hour before the match, the Ophidians added a stipulation; no demon could enter the arena until all non-demons on his team were eliminated.

This meant that The Fallen One would HAVE to start off because PK and Goth Garal were both demons and Either Simon Bantus or Leetah Kalynda would have to go before Arkzilipul could enter.

Once again all seats in the arena were filled for this matchup as the fans eagerly awaited their gladiators to enter the field. First, The Fallen One's team came in looking very focused and determined. Next Arkzilipul's team came, this time Arkzilipul walked in with his teammates. Arkzilipul did not take his eyes off PK, and PK stared back. They wanted to fight, but they had to wait. Arkzilipul spoke a few short words with his teammates and then went to his area. The Fallen One was ready for his team, and this time Simon Bantus would start.

When they saw Leetah Kalynda walk away from Simon, leaving him to start off, the fans started to laugh and said get him out of there!

The Fallen One did not lose his focus though, he was serious. So was Simon. They looked at each other and waited for the match to start. Simon took a look back to his area, Leetah took a look at Arkzilipul, and Arkzilipul nodded to Simon. Simon then returned his attention to The Fallen One.

All fans were hissing and cheering, they wanted to see some action.

Then the match started. Simon quickly opened up his medical container and took out a shot of some sort. Meanwhile, The Fallen One prepared to infect him with a disease. Simon got up and positioned himself in an area of the arena that Leetah had pointed out. It looked like he was playing defensive.

The Fallen One approached Simon and infected him with an affliction that started to turn his skin into dust, but Simon didn't panic and used the shot he took out earlier to negate the effects. The transformation helped him overcome the affliction and allowed him to resist further trouble.

The Fallen One had to change his strategy because his Bio-tek abilities were shut down for the moment. Not a problem. The Fallen One raised his arms and opened up a portal. Simon ran away and looked for help. Arkzilipul nodded. Simone then touched the dirt ground of the arena with both hands and concentrated. The area around him started to shake. Meanwhile, out from The Fallen One's portal came a gelatinous beast. It started to head towards Simon. Just as it was about to attack, the ground shook and out came a creature made of gravel and earth. This creature blocked the gelatinous creature's attack. Simon then cut the enemy's creature in half using his entire body as a sword!

Some of the fans gave a low grunt of a cheer.

Simon had to do more than that to get favor.

The Fallen One looked at PK and then opened up another portal. Out came a frightening creature. Simon got scared and ran to another area of the ring, but the creature followed. Eventually it caught up with Simon and started to attack him. Simon was screaming in fear. Suddenly Simon's gravel minion grabbed the horror and slammed it into the ground.

As Simon was recovering from the shock, The Fallen One attacked Simon's minion and destroyed it. The Fallen One started opening up another portal as Arkzilipul shouted something to Simon. Simon nodded and crawled up to the destroyed minion and revitalized it using all his mystic energies. It came back to life, but The Fallen One brought in a fresh new minion, a demonic beast that went by the name of Lockjaw.

Lockjaw came into the arena and looked around. Its master, Archan Singazer, ordered it to finish off Simon. The beast leapt on the alien and shred him into ribbons.

Archan started opening up another portal as Leetah came in. She told the gravel minion to stay back and opened up a portal herself.

Suddenly, The Fallen One used the portal he had opened up to swallow up Leetah and imprison her. A bunch of demonic arms reached out to Leetah to take her away. She made a sacrifice and let the minion she was going to bring in fall into the portal instead.

With that move, she was free and quickly attacked her opponent who wasn't ready yet. She kicked him straight into his stomach and knocked him down. Then, she took out a sword and stabbed him in the chest. He shouted as the fans gave her a cheer. Then they started calling for Arkzilipul.

Leetah's hands started to burn as The Fallen One had affected her sword with his Bio-tek abilities, but she didn't let go. As her skin was starting to melt, she stabbed him again.

The Fallen One was almost dead, so he tried to transport himself away using a portal, but when he did, Leetah followed and then stabbed him a third time and finished him off.

PK was about to enter when Goth Garal jumped into the arena.

The Raskelon fans cheered him on as he continued The Fallen One's biological assault. Leetah's arms were in horrible shape and now she started to mutate. She dropped her sword and ran to Goth Garal. Garal used his mental trickery to distract Leetah and cause her to fall. Then he jumped on her and started to pummel her. She kicked him off and he landed on his side but wasn't able to get up because Leetah had gotten up and pinned him to the ground. As her flesh was melting off her body, she made some last attacks, but eventually got eliminated due to her condition.

Goth Garal stood up as the fans started the Raskelon hammer-fist motion.

Arkzilipul entered the arena. Quickly Goth Garal afflicted the demon, exhausting him, slowing him down. However, he could not stop him. Arkzilipul made a grab for him but Goth Garal evaded him again. Arkzilipul called Simon's gravel minion over and when it came he took it and crushed it, absorbing its energy. He used this energy to open up a portal. Goth Garal ran to the portal, ready to fight whatever would come out. However, it turned out to be a swarm of giant maggots and they devoured Goth Garal.

Now it was down to PK and Arkzilipul.

PK came out.

Arkzilipul looked at PK for what seemed like forever. It had been a decade since they were this close. PK calmly but carefully walked up to Arkzilipul. Arkzilipul smiled and evil smile. The fans were going crazy. Who would make the first move?

Arkzilipul made a grab at PK. PK dodged and rolled to the side. Arkzilipul snagged his leg and portalled them both out of the arena.

People started to get angry and said started complaining. The fans started to look around but no one could see the gladiators.

The keepers entered the arena and started portalling in and out, frantically searching for the two.

A few minutes passed and one of the keepers came back and asked the others to come. They all vanished into their portals and in a few seconds brought back PK and Arkzilipul.

Surrounded by the keepers, PK was on the floor bloody and mangled and Arkzilipul stood over his body, taunting him and spitting on him. The keepers ended the match and disqualified Arkzilipul's team for outside interference.

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