Version 9
VP: 3
Name: Unknown
Type: Construct / Human
Gender: Male
Origin: Surge, Justich
Disciplines: Cybernetics / War
Biography and Timeline

More machine than man, Version 9 represents the final outcome of one of many experiments to create the perfect soldier. In his former life as a soldier, he had an admirable career, but he has regressed more and more with time towards his in-human nature. In the arena, Version 9 continues his life after being retired from service 50 years ago by providing a level of violence unheard of before his entry.
Version 9 takes no prisoner and shows no mercy to any who oppose him, including other Version 9’s. Once over 300 Version 9’s were contracted to Ophidian. Now there is only one. The longer he fights the less chance he has to regain any sense of humanity.

2333 300+ retired Version 9 soldiers are contracted to the Justich Federation by Surge's Protectorate Armada.
2337 The last two Version 9’s fight and this one survives. He purposefully sought out each in combat to prove which was the best. Version 9 moves up to the 2VP Gladiator Class.
2341 Version 9 wins the Surge Championships. A crowd favorite on his home planet and one of only two survivors, he raises to the 3VP Gladiator Class.
2348 Version 9 wins the Justich Federation Championships on Solop Avagar and enters the 4VP Gladiator Class.
2350 Version 9 is downgraded to 3VP due to the new point spread imposed when transferring ratings from the Justich to the Ophidian League.



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