Freakshow's Team vs. Opac's Team
The match was held in the Machinoid Cubice, a famous arena on Surge. 150,000 fans (a majority of which were cyborg) filled the arena. Freakshowís team, now consisting of Madame Petice, Striking Dragon, and newly traded Simon Bantus was ready to face Opac Sentirís team, including Version 9, Little Jinx, and Bull's Eye.


Security was present to protect Bull's Eye from any would-be bounty hunters in the arena. A stipulation was announced that all but Little Jinx and Simon Bantus would not be revived if they were to die in the match. This added pressure to Freakshow who was Little Jinxís step brother.

Helix Co. dominated the advertisements along the walls, floors, and ceilings, not to mention a 3-D holographic display every now and then. After announcements were made, the lights went dim on the audience and focused their luminescence on the arena floor. Out came Madame Petice, Striking Dragon, and Simon Bantus. Striking Dragon was popular among a minority of cyborgs, however a majority of all the fans were waiting for their Justich hero, Freakshow to enter. When he did they began to cheer.

Then Opac entered with Bullís Eye and Little Jinx. Little Jinxís following was getting bigger, even close to her step-brotherís numbers. Freakshow didnít look that worried, but was looking at his step-sister, thinking about his situation. When Version 9 Entered, the Surge populace exploded with an honorable greeting to the construct.

The gladiators set up positions in the arena and the match was under way. The fans began a buzzing Pol-tec chant and then went silent ready to see who would make the first move. Version 9 shot out his grappling hook at Freakshow and pulled him into the arena center where the two of them went into a grappling match. Meanwhile, Striking Dragon met with Opac Sentir by the walls of the arena. Opac, the spectral panther-like gladiator, was quicker, larger, and more agile than the human Striking Dragon. Both of them, though, went at it with full intensity.

Bullís Eye and Little Jinx teamed up against Madame Petice and Simon Bantus. Bullís Eye used some mystic auras to buy his partner some time as she opened up a portal, but Madame Peticeís powerful sťances made that plan less effective.

After kicking Version 9 far enough away, Freakshow was able to activate a Pol-tec Bladebot with the help of Striking Dragon. The deadly cybernetic minion was known to pack quite a punch (or slash) in combat.

Unfortunately, Opac Sentir was able to shift his velocity using his Psi powers to prepare an electric spear without Striking Dragon noticing. As Dragon prepared to attack again, Opac launched the spear right in his chest. The Dragon, Naru Kami, was down and Opac finished him off with his blades.

Meanwhile, Little Jinx brought out an Iron Monster and a Zwazaw. Together, the three of them and Bullís Eye began to overcome Madame Petice and Simon.

Thing were looking bad for Freakshowís team, but with the bladebot, Freakshow was able to slash and smash Version 9 and use some nanites to shut down the machine of death, at least temporarily.

As Freakshow went to save the rest of his team, Opac intercepted and they began to fight. This gave Bullís Eye the chance he needed to destroy Madame Petice. Little Jinx was also able to nullify Simon Bantus. After that, Little Jinxís monsters went off to finish Freakshow, however, The Pol-tec Bladebot was ready for them and tore them into shreds one by one.

Freakshow seemed to be the last gladiator on him team. The fans began to cheer for him. This gave Freakshow the edge he needed and with a burst of energy he began to pummel Opac. Just as Freakshow was about to kill Opac, holding him high up in the air by his throat, Version 9 got his attention.

Weakened but still alive, Version 9 took his own teammate, Little Jinx, as a hostage. Freakshow immediately released a bloody Opac and cautiously began to approach Version 9. Bullís Eye went past Freakshow and began to heal Opac. The fans began to cheer on Version 9ís efficient and resourceful tactic. They also cheered Freakshow on interested in what the human would do in this situation.

As Version 9 was making demands to Freakshow, he saw Simon Bantus getting up and running toward Little Jinx. Version 9 told him to stop or else Little Jinx would die. Freakshow yelled at Simon at the top of his lungs, but could not stop him. Version 9 threw Little Jinx on the floor and bashed her with his cybernetic arms. Freakshow screamed in pain, but looked up to see that Simon used a conduit that instantly reduced her injuries to nil and saved her life. Little Jinx passed out from the excitement as Freakshow drilled through Version 9 with a death drop jumpkick.

As Opac was about to regather himself, Simon placed an aura on him, preventing him from doing so. The Pol-tec Bladebot slashed Opac and finished him off. As the bladebot was ready to fight again, Bullís Eye threw a discus and destroyed it. As Bullís Eye saw Freakshow coming at him, he tried to get something ready, but Freakshow was too fast and got to him first. With a fury of punches, Freakshow clobbered Bullís Eye and won the match for his team.

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