Little Jinx
VP: 2
Name: Alice Jenks
Type: Human
Gender: Female
Origin: Justich
Disciplines: Bio-tek / Portal
Biography and Timeline

This young firebrand quickly won the nickname Jinx, a play on her last name, after a dozen of her opponents all fell dead in freak accidents during her matches. Her good looks and spunky personality have quickly won her a following with the fans even as her odd powers keep her teammates wary.
Jinx followed in the footsteps of her stepbrother David Dangers, a popular fighter, and joined Ophidian without his knowledge. She is resolved to prove to herself and him that she is every bit as capable a fighter, if not better. Only she knows how far she is willing to go to prove it.

2349 Little Jinx enters the Justich Federation as a 1VP gladiator. Little Jinx wins the Justich Women's Team Finals and is promoted to 2VP. Little Jinx is contracted by the Ophidians and maintains her 2VP rank.



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