Prince of Gates, Little Jinx, and Poc Shot vs Ironsides and Version 9
Here are the results of the Ironsides and Version 9 vs Prince of Gates, Little Jinx, and Poc Shot...


Before the match started, an announcement was made. “Tonight’s match has a special guest floor judge. Her hometown is right here in Varrenhold, and her father was a legend in the arena. Give a warm welcome to Mandy Ontonas otherwise known as Trace!” The arena clapped their hands and flashed their lights.

Then the introductions began. First, from the Dkarthad Homeworld and ward of Ophidian, Poc Shot entered the arena full of energy. Next, from Chasse in the Justich System, Little Jinx skipped around and matched the young demon’s pizzazz. Finally, from Daemonhelm, Xarz’ycus, the Prince of Gates entered slowly walking. Staring at his teammates. If he disapproved their vigor, he did not show it. Alice and Endric did begin to act a bit more proper around the prince.

Then their opponents entered the arena. First, the favorite of planet Surge, Version 9 walked in as he was adjusting his gears on his arms. And his partner, from parts unknown, Ironsides walked up to Version 9 and exchanged some brief words.

The lights went out and the fans turned on their lights and began to count down with the starting clock and the buzzer began the match. As the lights went on, Prince of Gates moved up and provided some cover for his teammates and they began to mutate each other. Version 9 fired a flash grenade to the Prince who dodged it, but provided an opening for the enemy to strike. Ironsides attacked the Prince without preparing first and the fans cheered him on. As Ironsides and Xarz’ycus were fighting in the ground, Version 9 attacked Poc Shot, Little Jinx intercepted the attack impressing the fans with her sacrifice.

Poc Shot returned the favor by attacking Version 9. The damage was noticeable with Poc Shot’s arms and legs covered in jagged bones.

Meanwhile, the Prince had hit Ironsides with a malevolent disease that knocked the gladiator off his feet. Version 9 saw this and left Little Jinx and Poc Shot to attack the demon. Xarz’ycus summoned one of his guards with the help of Little Jinx. Version 9 attacked the guard, but the fans cheered as the Prince got in the way and saved it!

Ironsides rolled past Version 9 and the Prince and headed for Little Jinx and Poc Shot. He attacked Little Jinx, but instead Poc Shot got in the way. The fans were really enjoying the sacrifices that the Portal/Bio-tek team were making for each other. Little Jinx opened up a portal with help and brought out an iron monster.

Right now the trio looked like they had all their defenses covered. Meanwhile, Ironsides and Version 9 had to mount a better assault. Suddenly, a fan rushed past security and got on the field. Judge Trace called for security. The fan had a phased sign that said “Little Jinx rules!” Security escorted him back to his place in the expensive field-seats, where only the craziest of fans would actually pay to be that close to the action.

Ironsides activated a porto battery, a stout minion capable of providing additional energy for robots. Prince of Gates once again provided much of the protection for his team while the royal guard and the iron monster took care of the rest.

Version 9 walked away from the fray and Ironsides yelled at him. He went to the floor seats and wrestled with the Little Jinx fan. Little Jinx ran to Trace but Trace said it was legal, due to the full-release contract the people in those seats must sign in order to sit there. Version 9 tried to take the sign away from the fan, probably to use it as a weapon in the match.

Little Jinx ran to Version 9, trying to save her fan while Poc Shot helped by infecting the cyborg. Ironsides ordered his partner to leave the fan, but Version 9 did not listen. Finally the fan let go of his sign and ran back to safety. The cyborg tried to whip Little Jinx with the sign, but she narrowly escaped. Prince of Gates called for Little Jinx to help him bring out a horror. Poc Shot’s disease was slowing down Version 9, who then dropped the sign. Little Jinx got up, opened up a portal, and out came a frightening writhing horror. Version 9 paused when he saw the creature coming straight for him. Ironsides tried to save his partner, but the thing was moving too fast. It hit Version 9 and took him down.

Ironsides was frustrated and released a swarm of bombers that took out the royal guard, the iron monster, and the writhing horrors. Poc Shot was in critical condition and not responding to Xarz’ycus.

The Prince quickly snuck up behind Ironsides and grappled him into a choke-hold. Ironsides was too tired to counter and his partner was too far to help. The demon began to infect Ironsides with another disease. Meanwhile, Little Jinx was furiously attacking Version 9. The crowd was at its feet, watching this match.

Suddenly, Ironsides encased himself in a protective metallic shielding which caused the prince to let go. Distracted, Little Jinx didn’t see Version 9 get up and grab her by the neck. Immediately, Prince of Gates infected his partner with boils all over her skin. As Version 9 slammed her on the floor, her skin burst open and splashed the machine of death with poison. This harmed the cyborg more than it did her. As a result, he was eliminated. The fans cheered for all.

Now it was down to Ironsides and the two portalists. Weakened, Ironsides shot out two cables from his arms, however they crossed each other in a freak accident and almost killed him. He dropped to his hands and knees. The Prince suspiciously looked at Little Jinx who usually takes the blame (or in this case, credit) whenever strange things happen in an arena. She just shrugged and skipped to her fan and gave him a big hug. Xarz’ycus finished off Ironsides and won the match.

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