Line Match Tournament Results
Here are the results of the second line match...

The arena was at its full capacity, full of demons and Raskelon aliens all awaiting the return of their champion Arkzilipul. However, Arkzilipul did not show up with his team. People were worried that he would not show up, but an announcement was made that he was going to arrive late. Then the fans started chanting his name. They hissed when Leetah came out. She looked back at Simon and gave a reassuring nod. Little Jinx came out after and started skipping around the arena waving at the fans who did not wave back, but did not hiss either. Little Jinx stepped up to Leetah and turned her butt to her. Leetah spun her back around and kneed her in the ribs. Little Jinx took a few steps back and the fans gave a low cheer. Little Jinx, then, with the sudden ferocity of a Beha'wan warrior rushed Leetah and took her down, rolling around in the dirt floor, pulling her hair. Leetah quickly kicked her off, but Little Jinx held on to her hair. The fans started getting into the action as Leetah tried to get free of Little Jinx's grasp. She tried to chop her, but Little Jinx got out of the way and let go.

Little Jinx started skipping around again and waved, and this time some fans waved back.

Leetah quickly put on her flexi armor as Little Jinx opened up a portal and brought out an iron monster. She jumped on the shoulders of the demonic minion as it headed for Leetah. Leetah prepared for the attack and dodged it in time.

Little Jinx jumped off the monster as it fought Leetah while she brought out a bunch of cheerleaders, mostly alien but one was a demon. The fans were now favoring Little Jinx.

Meanwhile, Leetah's armor protected her from the monster's last attack. She rolled away, opened up a portal, and brought in an iron monster of her own. Little Jinx got mad and made her minion grow in size. The two monsters started to fight as Leetah charged Little Jinx.

The human tried to dodge the attack, but Leetah was too fast and caught her. She punched Little Jinx in the face. Little Jinx tried to kick her off, but Leetah had her legs wrapped around her waist. The construct would not let go. Little Jinx then afflicted Leetah, and Leetah's head started to swell. Leetah quickly let Little Jinx go, and stood up. She started getting large pustules on her head. They started to burst and blood was spilling everywhere. Leetah fell on her back as this seemed like it was the end for her.

By this time the fans were all on their feet and cheering Little Jinx. The cheerleaders made a pyramid and Little Jinx skipped to the top and waved at the fans. They waved back. Then she started pounding her fist into her open hand, slowly building up speed. She was trying to get the crowd to do the Raskelon motion, but never in the history of the Battlelands arena had the fans ever done that for a human. Never. Instead the fans looked at each other in confusion and hesitation. Would they do it?

Suddenly, one of the cheerleaders warned Little Jinx. Leetah Kalynda had gotten up and she was wielding an ancient, mean-looking axe. Little Jinx jumped down and thought of her next strategy, but it was too late, Leetah started to run and then hurled her axe at Little Jinx. The axe flew so fast Little Jinx could not get out of the way in time. It hit her straight in the abdomen and she crashed in to the cheerleaders. Also at the same time, Leetah had tripped over something and fell at the same time.

Little Jinx was out of the match and Mannequin entered the arena. He started building up a spider army. Leetah very slowly got up. She was in much pain as it appeared she had twisted her leg in a gross position (perhaps Little Jinx's last shot before she was eliminated).

Leetah managed to swallow a pill that made her feel a bit better, but not much. She put on an EMP suit and attacked Mannequin. He took all her hits, studying Leetahís style. Then he withdrew and let his spiders swarm Leetah.

At that moment, Leetah used her suit to hit the spiders with a disabling pulse.

She, all bloody and tired, was starting to take favor away from his team. Mannequin quickly walked up to her, and she anticipated an attack. She ducked but Mannequin did nothing. Leetah fell for a bluff perhaps, but recovered and hit him again, but this time Mannequin dodged her attack as if he saw it coming. She tried to hit him again, but he dodged once more. He had learned her style. He struck her down and she was out.

The fans were split in cheer as Simon entered the arena. Mannequin walked smoothly up to him and studied him visually.

Suddenly the fans started to cheer at the top of their lungs. Mannequin and Simon wondered why and looked around. Arkzilipul had just entered his area. Simon quickly ran up to Arkzilipul asking for help. Arkzilipul looked at him and said nothing, keeping his arms crossed.

Mannequin sent a bot to Simon and snagged him up in a web trap. Simon tried to free himself and shouted for help but Arkzilipul did nothing.

Mannequin brought out some more symbiotic creatures and they swarmed Simon and he was eliminated from the match.

It was now time for the demon favorite of 10 years to enter the arena. All in attendance became very quiet and stood up. They started pounding their fists into their hands and the sound was frightening.

Meanwhile, Mannequin started to use his abilities to summon some droids of his creation.

Arkzilipul entered the arena, focused on Mannequin.

The web bot snuck up on Arkzilipul and snagged him in a large web, but Arkzilipul broke out of its strong-as-concrete webbing like nothing and stepped on the bot, crushing it. The fans cheered.

Mannequin then sent his droids after Arkzilipul, trying to buy time as he brought out some other robots. The droids rushed him, but with a single hit of his whip, Arkzilipul took them all out of commission. Then Arkzilipul whipped Mannequin and pulled him forward. Mannequin quickly released some mites which crawled up the whip and started attacking the giant demon. Arkzilipul let go of his whip and tried to remove the mites. His opponent kept on releasing more mites and they became too many, so Arkzilipul ignored them and attacked Mannequin. With a huge fist the size of Mannequin's head, he hit the construct and knocked him down. Mannequin stumbled up to his feet and attacked Arkzilipul. They were exchanging blows, and Arkzilipul was winning. He was stronger and Mannequin was not familiar with his style.

Suddenly Arkzilipul took a step back, and as Mannequin wobbled around, he opened up a massive portal. The fans became silent as they awaited what would come out. A horrific cry was heard and the fans cheered. A large, white hand appeared from the portal and reached out for Mannequin. Mannequin turned around just in time to see the monster child grab him and start to eat him.

Mannequin was out and H'Ronka came in as the fans were cheering for Arkzilipul. He had the entire crowd's favor. H'Ronka didn't waste any time as he started to mutate Mannequin's remaining robots and droids.

Arkzilipulís horror crept up to H'Ronka and tried to eat him too, but H'Ronka saw it coming and quickly dodged its giant hand. Then he infected the monster child with a Bio-tek decay that liquefied it into a pool of blood.

The fans hissed and cheered as the match was climaxing.

H'Ronka's mutated minions attacked Arkzilipul, but Arkzilipul knew how to fight multiple enemies and he turned them into a pile of bloody circuitry.

Now, it was just H'Ronka and Arkzilipul (the cheerleaders had left when Arkzilipul entered the arena). Arkzilipul stood 3 times larger than the alien. And both looked at each other. H'Ronka made the first move and took a step toward Arkzilipul, surprising the demon, but then turned around and ran for cover. Arkzilipul laughed, opened up a portal, walked through it, and appeared right in front of H'Ronka. There was no place to run as Arkzilipul grabbed his opponent and literally destroyed him with his bare hands.

Fans started to enter the field and Arkzilipul and H'Ronka were portalled out. The match was over.

(In a hallway of the arena.)
Shannon: Hi, this is Shannon Marel, and I have with me Mannequin's team from tonight's match. Mannequin, would you care to comment?
Mannequin: Arkipul is strong. He hits me hard.
Shannon: H'Ronka?
H'Ronka: (Speaks in a strange language.)
Shannon: (Looks at Mannequin.) What does that mean?
Mannequin: H'Ronka says Arkzilipul is too big, too fast, and too strong.
Little Jinx: Oh please! He's just a grumpy grouch. I know a few who could turn him inside out.
Shannon: Like whom?
Little Jinx: (Smiles.) Don't worry about it.
Shannon: Little Jinx, you had the crowd in the palm of your hands. And you almost got them to do something very unprecedented.
Little Jinx: Yes, because I'm so wuvable. (She blinks her eyes and then leaves.)
(Mannequin and H'Ronka leave also.)
Shannon: Let's see if we can get a word in from the winners, Gary.

(By the entrance to the field.)
Gary: Hey folks, Gary K'bas here, and with me is Arkzilipul and his team. Arkzilipul, congratulations on your victory, what have you to say?
Arkzilipul: Another match, another win. Where's PK?
Gary: PK is not in the arena today.
Arkzilipul: Move! (Arkzilipul leaves.)
Gary: Leetah, you fended of pretty well against Little Jinx but then Mannequin stopped you. What happened?
Leetah: Mannequin has great adaptation skills. I was already tired from fighting Little Jinx, and wasn't able to switch up my style in time.
Gary: Simon, this is officially your first match. How was it?
Simon: It was horrible. I was webbed up and devoured by spiders!
Gary: How did you prepare for the match?
Simon: Leetah went over some basic strategy with me earlier, and we went through some simulations, but a majority of our plan was to rely on Arkzilipul going first.
Leetah: Yes, Simon's skills are not as useful in one-on-one confrontations, we tried to keep him out of the match, but it didn't happen.
Gary: Well, you guys won. What is your strategy for Friday's match?
Leetah: I've been working on something, but we need our entire team to be present for it to work.
Gary: Thanks for your time and good luck.
(They all leave.)

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