Line Match Tournament Pre-match Interviews
We talked with both teams before the match...

Mannequin, H'Ronka, and Little Jinx stand together, an odd bunch. A tall and slender construct symbiote, a short alien, and the lovely but dangerous human. Little Jinx looks at her partners, amazed at their differences from eachother and herself. H'Ronka seems excited for his upcoming match. Mannequin tilts and turns his head, probably studying his surroundings and making calculations. Little Jinx breaks the silence...
Little Jinx: (cute and playful) Hellllo every one! Are you ready for tonight's match? We are. We think you are really going to like it.
H'Ronka: (speaks in a strange language)
Little Jinx: What!?
Mannequin: (in a synthesized mechanical voice) I can translate, I studied H'Ronka and his language using binary code. He says our team is an interesting combination. The match will be good.
Little Jinx: That's right H'Ronka. Let's go!

Arkzilipul did not show up for the interview, but his teammembers did...
Simon stood a foot shorter and Leetah Kalynda and looked very nervous. Leetah was confident and a bit angry the team Captain did not show up...
Leetah: This is an odd team, but we each have our powers. It's goign to come down to how well we manage ourselves and how much trust we have in each other. (She looks at Simon) We're going to do ok.
(Simon gulps, looks at the screen, and nods.)

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