Opac Sentir
VP: 3
Name: Unknown
Type: Spectral
Gender: Male
Origin: Unknown
Disciplines: Psi / War
Biography and Timeline

Opac Sentir (OH-pack Sen-TEER) is known to be one of the leaders of the Shadow Rakaram, a tight-nit and mysterious organization whose exact numbers are unknown. It is suspected that the Shadow Rakaram is in search of dark matter in a solid state. Why they crave it is also unknown, although it is suspected to hold powers of creation for certain spectral beings. They believe a connection may exist between dark matter and Ophidian.
Opac, who is thought to be hundreds of years old, has naturally strong powers of the mind, and is always calm, even when using necessary lethal force. He has extended his use of the mind to include the wielding and mastery of weapons, a fairly unique quality for a spectral being. It is rumored that he has allied himself with the one known as The Stranger.

2349 Opac Sentir joins the Ophidian Leagues, his battle skills are evaluated in Yashrad during the Body and Mind Finals as a 3VP. He is rumored to be from Opali but no one has confirmed it.



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