2-on-2 Tournament Results

Maximillion and Opac Sentir vs Version 9 and H'Ronka
The finals match had drawn a tremendous crowd and as the pre-match Leonide Anthem came to a close the two teams entered the Arena.

Version 9 and H’Ronka rushed forward before Maximillion and Opac had even finished arriving, but the strong team was ready for action and took up a defensive position.

The juggernaut, Version 9, reached the pair first and his attack, aimed at Maximillion, was immediately intercepted by Opac, leaving Max free to square of against H’Ronka.

As Maximillion blazed forward using protective auras to blunt H’Ronka’s attacks, H’Ronka changed tactics and retreated from his opponent, while sending out squeaks and squawks. H’Ronka was answered soon after as an army of Arachnabots came up to join the battle.

At the same time Version 9 was trying his best to use his arsenal of weaponry only to have Opac reduce his effectiveness through concentrated Psi attacks. As Version 9 switched to a pair of Phase Blades, Opac unsheathed his own Psi blades and sparks of crimson energy lit the area. After suffering a number of vicious slashes that further damaged Version 9’s already mutilated body, the calculating machine realized Opac was reading his moves. He then grabbed Opac and grappled him hard, and then threw him into his partner, Maximillion.

The impact left Opac and Maximillion swimming in a sea of Arachnabots.

After suffering hundreds of bites, Maximillion cut his way through the hordes of cybernetic spiders. H’Ronka began screaming in a strange string of fast beeps and the Arachnabots collapsed. Apparently Opac had used his Psi powers to drive H’Ronka to a temporary state of madness.

Opac rushed towards H’Ronka and yet H’Ronka made no movements. Version 9 screamed a warning but it was too late. The unknowing H’Ronka got hit with a powerful force attack which sent him reeling.

The trick backfired on Opac as Version 9, staving off Maximillion's attempts to hold him back, attacked Opac from behind and sent a river of blood gushing out, leaving Opac near elimination.

Maximillion however, had a trick up his sleeve as well and a giant beast formed from the ground itself and rose up behind Version 9, splashing rock all over Version 9 and H’Ronka. The beast then clobbered Version 9 with a massive fist and nearly dismantled H’Ronka with a rush attack that left the creature of stone a pile of rubble and H’Ronka twitching on the arena floor.

The resilient but battered Version 9 and General Maximillion were the only two left standing, their partners both hanging on near elimination and unable to move.

The two squared off in a complex series of dodges, faints, and deadly attacks and just as Version 9 went into a bloody rage and began getting the upper hand against Max, he began attacking himself!

Fighting both himself and Maximillion, Version 9 quickly succumbed but not before deeply wounding Maximillion who hung on only seconds longer; enough time to give healing to Opac.

It turns out Opac had recovered enough strength to use his Psi abilities against Version 9.

With Maximillion's final sacrifice of himself in order to heal Opac, the spectral warmaster had enough energy to subdue the still unconscious H’Ronka and win the match.

In the end, the crowd gave wild applause for a match that provided a perfect finish to the tourney full of action, teamwork, and sacrifice.

Jackson Deevers got an interview from the winners...
Jackson: I'm here with Maximillion and Opac Sentir. Fans will remember this match for a long time. You showed exceptional teamwork.
Maximillion: We both understand the importance of operating as a team and that's why we were able to triumph today.
Opac: Yes, in this match it came down to self-sacrifice. I owe Maximillion the win for his bold move at the end.
Jackson: Are we likely to see more of the two of you fighting side by side?
Opac: We both have our own journeys ahead of us, but it is likely our paths may cross again.
Maximillion: Opac is right. I would not rule out the possibility in the future.
Jackson: In the match, their was a point where H’Ronka lost track of the match. Was that a Psi technique?
Opac: Yes it was. Many underestimate the power of the mind because its effects cannot always be seen, but they are felt.
(Opac and Maximillion walk away together silently.)

Jackson: Here's Version 9. Can we get a few words?
Version 9: I have learned much from the match with Opac and Maximillion. The next time I face them they will not survive. I must leave now and train.
(Five minutes later.)
Jackson: Here comes H’Ronka back from the treatment room. H’Ronka, do you have any words about the match.
H’Ronka: beep, bleep, beep.
Jackson: Um, interesting... oh wait here comes Version 9 again. Nine would you like to say some words with H’Ronka.
Version 9: Here's what I have to say.
(Version 9 attacks H’Ronka, knocks out the interviewer with a massive punch and then begins a rampage across the halls. The viewing orbs go red with blood and then dead, ending the transmission among a backdrop of screams.)

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