Bull's Eye
VP: 2
Name: Karaf Pentarc
Type: Spectral
Gender: Male
Origin: Outworlds
Disciplines: Mystic / Cybernetics
Biography and Timeline

A gambler who decided to take his chances at winning big in the Ophidian Games, he's after the money and power. He's not above taking bribes and has ties to many of the pirate groups that are based in the Outworlds. His career so far has been full of controversy, however he has managed to stay clean of any charges, with many attributing his success to ties with the Ophidians. Bull's Eye plays a very dangerous game, but he always plays to win. So far, he's succeeded.

2339 Bull's Eye starts his career as an Ophidian gladiator during the Open Auditions as the last mergers were taking place.
2343 Bull's Eye attains 1VP ranking.
2345 Bull's Eye is raised to 2VP.



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