Striking Dragon
VP: 2
Name: Naru Kami
Type: Human
Gender: Male
Origin: Unknown
Disciplines: Cybernetics / War
Biography and Timeline

Naru Kami created many of the new martial arts programs used by today’s gladiators. His mastery of the martial arts spans over 100 different disciplines from numerous planets. His artistry is seen clearly in his Aikido and Kung Fu, two lost martial arts styles of unknown origin. This master still fights in the arena to keep his skills sharp and prepare the ultimate form of martial art.

2348 Wins the Ophidian Warriors’ Invitational and is promoted to 2VP.
2349 Wins the 2VP Singles Ironman event and is promoted to 3VP.
2350 Due to the addition of the Justich Federation, Striking Dragon is repositioned to a 2VP rank.



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