Three-Way Doubles Match Results
The match was held in the Gercan Battle Center on Ramdeem Prime. The arena was at full capacity, and even The Stallion was reported to be present and sat amongst his fans to watch this fight.

After the Gercan Space Hymn was sung, the teams started to enter the arena. First, Ironsides along with Striking Dragon entered. The fans cheered the construct and human. Striking Dragon put on a somber display of flips and kicks showing his readiness for the match. Next, Freakshow entered alone. The fans stood on their feet and cheered but where was Bull’s Eye? Again he was a no-show as a Keeper announced that Freakshow was going to get a new partner. The fans laughed at the thought of Tuesday’s mishap with Arkzilipul and the reinforcement Walter Drake happening a second time.

Freakshow said, “You gotta be kidding me!” and crossed his arms in apprehension.

Last, Pago entered the arena and the majority of the Leonide fans started to boo the alien/construct from the Dkarthad Homeworld--a sure sign that tensions between the Leonide and Raskelon people were still high. But Pago begged the fans to count him as an alien like themselves by taking off his beret and placing it on his chest, then extending his arms showing his love for them. The fans seemed to accept Pago’s request when their favorite gladiator, Lothar, entered the arena and placed his hand on Pago’s shoulder, showing the fans and Pago that Pago’s background would not get in the way of the match.

Finally, the announcement was made that Freakshow’s partner would be the Demon Child, Mandy Von Ulaga.

This announcement broke all remaining tension from before and shifted the fans’ unfriendliness to good humor as the crowd burst into laughter.

Freakshow, with his arms still crossed, did not do anything but watched Mandy enter the ring and approach him. He got down to one knee and quickly spoke with her.

Now that all the gladiators were in the arena, the GBC siren rang and the match was under way.

Freakshow was still making last minute plans with Mandy, who was fidgeting in place. Ironsides took out a gun in each hand as Naru Kami opened up a crate. Lothar readied his blades as Pago released some spore pods into the air. Millions of thick spores polluted the air around the War/Bio-tek team and spread rapidly, filling the arena.

Freakshow and Mandy finished their plans and set up some auras around themselves. Striking Dragon took out a pair of bio suits; he put his on as Ironsides covered him by shooting into the spore pod field. Then Striking Dragon rushed into the fray, heading right for Lothar.

Lothar stabbed both his swords into the arena floor and was ready to fight Kami as Pago had a trick for Ironsides. The bio suit he was putting on started to decay and fall apart. Ironsides would not be protected from the lethal powers of the Bio-tek duo.

Pago then turned his attention to Freakshow, seeing that Mandy would be a weakness for the human’s team. He took out a wicked club and charged the tattooed star. Freakshow charged also and the two met in an explosive collision. Pago just missed Freakshow with a powerful but wide swing. Freakshow capitalized on the opportunity and came up from below with a tremendous uppercut. Pago’s head was whipped back from the impact and the crowd yelled loudly.

Lothar ducked one of Kami’s kicks and another. Both gladiators watched each other, trying to find a good opening. Ironsides threw a Nukatal Boom-Rang straight at Mandy and hit her. She tumbled down, all dusted. The Boom-Rang returned to the cyborg’s hand and he put it away for later use.

Freakshow retreated back to Mandy, too late to save her from Ironsides’ attack. However, he helped Ulaga use her mystic powers to call forth a gravel spirit to protect her. She in turn altered his tranquility, making him more fierce.

As Ironsides ran to join Striking Dragon. Lothar lifted his eyes off of his rival for one second giving the human an opportunity to hit Lothar. Dragon delivered a quick punch right into Lothar’s stomach.

The spores had now filled the air around the arena, but they did not hinder any movement or cause any reactions. Freakshow joined Ironsides and double-teamed Lothar as Striking Dragon stopped Pago from reaching his partner. Pago mutated himself to be quicker and got past the martial artist and jumped on Freakshow’s back, biting the tall human on the neck. The fans showed approval for Pago’s effort. Freakshow, already raging--and now bloody--detached Pago with a sharp elbow to the Ulescue’s face. Ironsides continued to grapple with a wounded Lothar as Freakshow turned his attention to Pago.

Striking Dragon saw Ironsides was in good shape, so he ran toward Ulaga. Mandy just giggled as she hid behind the gravel spirit. As Dragon was running, his suit was mystically removed. He too was now no longer immune to Bio-tek effects. With a rolling punch, he struck the gravel spirit and nearly crippled the beast. Mandy hit him with her dolly and then jumped on him, scratching his face with her nails. Then she ran away, hiding behind the wounded spirit. She started to heal the thing.

Lothar escaped Ironsides’ grip and grabbed one of his swords. Ironsides stood to one knee, and noticing that his partner was not around, took out his two guns and discharged several rounds into the fray targeting Freakshow and the two aliens. Lothar now on his feet used the floating spores to get in the way of the bullets, protecting himself and Pago.

Freakshow was not as lucky and he was hit a couple of times. Pago then chopped Freakshow in the throat and pushed him towards Lothar. Lothar was about to swing with his blade when Freakshow miraculously ducked and nailed Lothar with a stone kick.

Stunned, Lothar was unable to see Ironsides coming at him with fists fortified by spiked gauntlets. The alien fell to the floor as Pago yelled something about aliens and gang-ups.

The spores disappeared as a spear lobbing-contraption rolled into the arena.

Striking Dragon fired a shot at Pago, but Pago performed a Gercan dodge technique called the Side Step, reducing the damage of the launched spear. He barely got up and then looked at the fans for approval. He got it, they were impressed at his knowledge of the skill and cheered their Lothar’s partner.

Lothar was doing a bit better. After infecting Ironsides with his favorite disease and grabbing his other sword, Lothar ran towards Freakshow. Freakshow, was now back by Mandy and had another gravel spirit out. Lothar spun his blades and threw them at the spirit guards, taking both of them out of commission. Now it would be him and Freakshow again.

As Lothar lunged for Freakshow, Mandy intercepted his attack. However, she changed her form into that of a ghost and wasn’t injured. The fans were stumped.

Suddenly, hundreds of tiny robots swarmed the gladiators in the arena and began to explode. All gladiators were hit but Pago was eliminated from the arena. Lothar was then portalled out without the match stopping. Ironsides, lying on the floor looked at Kami. They were both ok, wounded but ok. They both nodded and when Kami took out a trauma kit and began to heal himself, Freakshow knew what Ironsides was planning.

Quickly he told Mandy to heal herself. He also tried to heal her enough to survive a second wave of bombers, but it was too late. As soon as Kami was ready, Ironsides released more bombers that took out Mandy and won his team the victory. The fans cheered at such a bloody and extreme but effective strategy.

Shannon Marel asked a few questions to the winners of the match...
Shannon: Ironsides and Striking Dragon. Excellent work in the match. Care to comment?
Ironsides: (Sore and tired.) It was great. I pushed myself to the limit and Drago was an excellent teammate. I hope to team-up with him again in the future.
Striking Dragon: (Also tired.) Ironsides is an honorable fighter who possesses a true warrior’s spirit.
Shannon: You guys beat Lothar and Freakshow through their partners, who some could argue were the weaker links. Would you care to comment on that?
Ironsides: If you are implying that this was an easy win, you are wrong. The teams were balanced, except for maybe young Ulaga, but it was no day at the park.
Striking Dragon: In every battle, there are factors. Some factors are in your control and some are not. Freakshow had a slight disadvantage, but for us to hold back would be dishonorable to him and the spirit of battle. A fighter must accept every situation, even those out of his control, in order to learn from the experience.
Shannon: That makes sense, thank you Naru Kami.
(Striking Dragon bows.)
(The two gladiators leave.)

Gary K'bas got some comments from Lothar and Pago…
Gary: Lothar and Pago. You guys just lost the three-way, what do you have to say?
Pago: Listen to me. Did anyone see that? This is how it is for us aliens, all the time we get ganged-up on-wow! These guys knew we had a perfect team-up. I mean look at us. Two ti te to tal aliens with tank-a-bank attitude! Right, Lothar?
Lothar: (From under his hat.) Pago’s spirit is justified, I’m just frustrated I can’t have a decent one-on-one with Freakshow. Is a rematch too much to ask?
Pago: NO! See, they are trying to keep the aliens on cryosleep by denying--
Gary: Sorry to interrupt, but Pago, how does it feel to face the Leonide crowds? Being from the Raskelon System.
Pago: It’s a political thing. A lot of people judge me, but it hurts me when fellow aliens do it. I fight for my aliens to prove to everyone how good we are. Yes, I’m from The Dkarthad Homeworld, and Lothar is from the Leonide System. So what? Are we supposed to kill each other? Look how well we worked together.
Gary: Lothar?
Lothar: Not everyone will like you. Some people will try hard to hate you. It’s in their nature. I have nothing against the Raskelon people, nothing against the Leonide people. They live their life and I live mine.
Pago: Lothar, you’re a philosopher now? Come, let’s party.
Lothar: Thank you, but I must decline. I have other matters to attend. I am sorry.
Pago: No sweat. I’m going to go see if there are any netsaloons around here. Open invitation to all aliens. Partay! Woooo!
(Pago runs off. Lothar walks away.)

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