Cray Phillips' Team vs. Freakshow's Team
Welcome to Volke, a planet that is home to four of the ten Justich Houses and one of many stops on the Ophidian Circuit. As we continue our matches into the season, we saw tonight, Freakshow’s team face off against Cray Phillips’ team. Freakshow commented to us that he had been fine-tuning his team and currently it is composed of Madame Petice, Striking Dragon, and The Stallion. Cray Phillips also claimed that his managers were unable to get the exact team he had asked for. For now, he partnered-up with The Fallen One, Trace, and Poc Shot. Teams are usually a work in progress during the season, especially with changing contracts, league politics, penalties, buy-outs, and of course loss of a member to death with no revival clause in his or her contract.


Lucky for our competitors, this match was a Limited Death match and all gladiators had the revival clause in their contracts.

Tonight’s match took place in the Searal Dome Arena, where an audience of 275,000 fans were packed into the seats. Aliens and humans alike came to see the show and perhaps get their minds off current events.

The arena was an oval with hundreds of steel doors lining the walls which surrounded a soft, clay floor.

All the gladiators came out from different doors and both teams were at opposite areas in the oval arena. Cray Phillips and his team were ready to fight as Freakshow was giving some last-minute directions to his team. The slamming of the doors signaled the start of the match and quickly Freakshow Stepped up in front of his team as Striking Dragon helped equip The Stallion with a popular war staff popular amongst the Beha’wans, a beast-like tribal race.

Immediately, The Fallen One decayed the weapon enough to burn a thin layer of flesh off The Stallion’s hands. Poc Shot amplified the Bio-tek decay causing the young war gladiator to scream in pain, dropping the staff.

Meanwhile, Trace opened up a portal where a handful of short mutants entered the arena. The Fallen One mutated the little creatures, swelling up their muscles to double their original size.

Unfortunately for Cray’s team, Madame Petice channeled some ghostly spirits to cut through the mutants. The fans loved it (though some were mutant enthusiasts, everyone loved the exciting touch mutants added to the arena.)

Before Cray could step forward, Freakshow rushed him and tackled the former Topka Gar player, causing the crowd to stand and cheer for him. Cray Immediately retaliated and tripped Freakshow and both got into a grapple. The crowds cheered again as The Stallion picked up the war staff with burned hands and pummeled the demon Poc Shot.

Trace and The Fallen One teamed up against Striking Dragon. Trace touched Naru Kami on the head, causing him to fall into a hypnotized dream-like state. This gave her partner enough time to open up a portal and send the dazed Striking Dragon into an eternal prison, eliminating him from the match.

The crowd still favored Freakshow’s team while The Stallion defeated Poc Shot with a raging attack using the Beha’wan weapon.

Freakshow then called for Madame Petice and The Stallion to take on Cray Phillips as he would face The Fallen One and Trace. Cray tried to stop Freakshow, but The Stallion got in the way. Freakshow didn’t look back as he rushed Cray’s two partners. The crowd shouted approval as Cray clotheslined The Stallion. Schaeffer Steelarm lay motionless on the clay floor. As Cray was raising a fist to the crowd (which comprised of some of his old fans), Madame Petice focused her mental powers at him caused him to hold his head in pain.

Meanwhile, Freakshow ran and jumped into Trace and The Fallen One, knocking them down. Madame Petice then put an aura around Freakshow, causing him to fall into a mad fury. Bloodied but not beaten, the fierce Freakshow defeated both Trace and The Fallen One with a double slam. The crowds were throwing drinks and food in glee as Freakshow got up to his feet.

Suddenly, as Madame Petice prepared to fight Cray, he tackled her and almost dislocated her waist from hips. She lay, broken and bent on the floor, choking on her own blood. Now the crowd, torn between both gladiators, got quieter as they stared at each other.

Cray adjusted his brightmetal helmet and tried to hit Freakshow with a mental trick, but he resisted it and had an angry grin on his swollen face. Freakshow then taunted his opponent, daring him to charge. Cray did and tackled Freakshow, however as both gladiators fell, Freakshow’s fierce aura delivered some serious repercussion to Cray. Both gladiators lay on their backs in the center of the arena and the crowds were screaming for a winner. Freakshow raised his hand with a burst of energy, got to his feet, and quickly turned around ready to go another round with Cray. But his opponent was down and out. Freak, show. Freak… show. FREAK… SHOW. The fans were chanting his name as he closed his eyes and raised both arms in victory.

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