The Fallen One
VP: 3
Name: Archan Singazer
Type: Alien
Gender: Male
Origin: Unknown
Disciplines: Portal / Bio-tek
Biography and Timeline

The Fallen One dabbled in the darker arts and was responsible for a massacre in the Garina System. He was tricked by a powerful demonic force into betraying his own people by using powers beyond his control. From those powers, he opened a portal through which an army of demons spread forth, destroying an entire world. He now serves a life sentence in the Ophidian arenas. No live crowds are allowed near his home arena in Ophidian’s remote prison complex. He wages a constant battle against the evil that exists in his own soul.

2343 The Fallen One is contracted from Gasherdel Maximum Security Prison, X Sector.
2344 The Fallen One wins the Ophidian/Raskelon Inter-System Tourney and raises to 2VP.
2349 The Fallen One wins the Prelum Cup as the last survivor in a special elimination match. He raises to 3VP.



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