Mannequin vs The Fallen One
Here are the results of the match between Mannequin and The Fallen One...


The Liberty Center was at full attendance as a crowd of 93,000 fans were ready to watch the two gladiators fight.

First, Mannequin entered. He raised his long arms and seemed to eerily "wave" at a crowd about to frenzy for him. Mannequin is considered property and has no rights. Many groups and organizations fight for his freedom. Some boycott the Ophidian League, but others attend to get full exposure at the "immoral treatment" of Mannequin. Many fans were holding cyber-banners with slogans like "Free Mannequin" and "Shame on Ophidian."

Then, The Fallen One entered. The crowd started to boo the prisoner. He was accompanied by two guards wearing bio suits. He was chained and locked down to his inhibitor chair. He looked weak, probably drugged or sedated in one way or another before the match. No doubt protection for anyone who gets close. The guards ran away as soon as they released his locks in the center of the arena. One of them stopped, looked like he was chocking. He made a mistake by taking off his helmet. Death instantly overcame him as his skin turned straight to ash without burning. All that was left was his suit and gray dust.

The Fallen One's followers loved it and began to attack the bio-filter generators. They were arrested and kicked out of the arena for that act of foolishness. Their fate would be to spend some time in jail. It didn't matter to them, they had no respect for life, their goal was to get killed by their idol. Lucky for the rest of the arena, the Liberty Center's security force was aware of Archan Singazer's insane cult following and stopped another catastrophe from happening.

The Fallen One's sedation was fading and he stood up to his knees. Some of his normal fans cheered while others booed. With a look at the arena-floor standing audience he send out poisonous spores that clung on the filters, causing sparks and tiny explosions. The crowd became a bit restrained.

Mannequin started to build up a symbiotic creature that looked like a small, dull-gray panther. The Fallen One started rotating his arms and started opening up a portal. Mannequin popped out a pair of symbiote hornets that buzzed toward the alien opponent. The Fallen One, without losing focus liquefied the duo and they dropped to the ground and ended up in a bloody and foul soup-like puddle.

The portal opened as a Turvian bounty hunter rushed out and started blasting rockets at Mannequin. The gladiator's panther minion jumped in front of a missile and protected his master. The Fallen One now focused his Bio-tek powers on Mannequin. The flesh parts of mannequin started to decay and die. The match would have ended shortly after, however, Mannequin was able to counter. His nano-tek machinery was able to stop further damage to Mannequin as they began an emergency repair within his body.

Meanwhile, Mannequin activated an ornately-decorated obelisk. This beacon began draining the power of the arena and the lights went out temporarily before back-up generators restored the power. The air became statically charged and the hair on the fans began to move and stand on end. The fans became excited.

The Fallen One was happy about this because he would be able to benefit from Mannequin's move. Immediately he opened up a small portal. Out came tiny little maggots which quickly evolved into the horrors known only as “Flesh.” The bulbous creatures attacked Mannequin.

The Fallen One had now over extended himself, but once he would recover, he would finish off the enemy.

Mannequin now had a chance to create a swarm of nano-tek insects that flew overhead in a black cloud. The Fallen One used the rotting life force of his minion and began to re-infect Mannequin with a more powerful disease. As Mannequin tried to fight it off, The Fallen One opened up another portal. Crowd favor started to shift toward Archan Singazer as one of his favorite creatures stepped trough into our reality. Spawned from an ancient forbidden ritual, this giant horror crawled toward Mannequin. The Fallen One watched on as his unborn death spawn reached for the weakened gladiator, ready to crush it.

Suddenly, Mannequin's nano-insects swarmed down on the horror. It tried to swat them off, but there were too many of them and they were too small. They landed on its skin and began to burrow into the flesh. The Fallen One called it back, but it was too late. Mannequin had taken over the creature and commanded it to destroy its former master.

It grabbed the alien and was about to eat it when The Fallen One infected it with boils of poison. The creature cried in pain but began attacking The Fallen One, smashing him to the ground. The flesh of the creature began to rot, but the nano-insects kept it together for a little longer. Finally The Fallen One overcame the creature.

Mannequin, in the mean time, had activated a cage bot which swallowed the weakened and bloody Singazer. The fans cheered as the match ended and The Fallen One was saved from an early execution. Some fans chanted "Let him die!" while others chanted "Mannequin, Innocent. Let him free!" their verdict on the gladiator with no rights. Mannequin was escorted out of the arena, seeming confused by the crowd's reaction.

Here is an interview after the match, The Fallen One stands behind a bio-filter wall...
Gary: Gary K'Bas here, and with me is The Fallen One, Archan Singazer. Mr. Singazer, you just lost to Mannequin in an interesting match. How do you feel?
The Fallen One: (Looks through Gary.) I underestimated Mannequin. I walked right into his trap. I thought he made a rookie mistake with the beacon, but it was I who made the mistake. Once I brought in my strongest minion, he took it over and used it against me.
Gary: That was pretty clever of him. Would you want a rematch?
The Fallen One: (contagious pathogens begin to spark and disintegrate behind the filter wall.) In time. Next time we fight, Mannequin, you will not catch me off guard.
Gary: (Takes a step back, worried about the bio-filters.) Would you ever team up with Mannequin?
The Fallen One: (Breathes deeply.) It depends. He has his strengths, but now I know one of his weaknesses. (The Fallen One puts his head down and the lights in his cage go out.)

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