VP: 2
Name: Mandy Ontonas
Type: Human
Gender: Female
Origin: Varrenhold, Matricc
Disciplines: Portal / Psi
Biography and Timeline

Mandy’s father had been a popular and powerful Gladiator, but Mandy only wished to use her abilities to help people lead better lives, through Psi therapy. Ophidian found out about her abilities and past and knew she could be used for more “profitable” purposes. When they asked her to fight for them, she said no. Shortly after, she was sued on the false charge of Psi-tampering. Not being able to prove the conspiracy, she lost the suit and her debts were bought up by Ophidian. With no other choice, she was forced to pay of her debts in the Ophidian Arenas.

2346 Trace’s team finishes runner-up in the Three-Gladiator Team Pyramid Match. Being the MVP of the team, she takes a 2VP rank in the Ophidian Leagues.



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