16-Gladiator Tourney Results
Here are the first four results of the 16-gladiator one-on-one tournament

Maximillion vs Leetah Kalynda
This match was a very close one. Leetah started things off with some attacks and a few quick minions like Pandu. Maximillion countered with some defensive War techniques like the Joint Lock. Then he brought out a Sunder Maul. With his first attack he knocked Leetah halfway to unconsciousness. Later on, Leetah Heisted the Sunder Maul with a small Portal and even brought out a Lock Jaw. Things looked like they were starting to favor Leetah. The fans were torn between both gladiators. But Maximillion was confident and continued his assault. Leetah sent out some more minions, which overpowered Maximillion form all sides and nearly killed him, but not before Maximillion delivered the final blow on Leetah and won the match.

The Stranger vs Pago
This potentially interesting match was over quickly thanks to a disqualification. The Stranger started out by using his Psi attacks against Pago. Pago hit the stranger with a Festering Stink and his fans loved it. Pago then tackled The Stranger to the ground and his fans cheered again. At this point the fans were calling for Pago's Paws, a new weapon similar to the War discipline's Spiked Fists. Before the match Pago said he would briefly show them off to honor all aliens. Pago took out the Paws and put them on, and in that moment Pago was disqualified. Everyone was shocked because even though the Paws were a weapon from the War discipline, Pago had not used them in the match. He wasn't planning on it. But an official said that no gladiator was allowed to use or even bring into the arena an item from a restricted discipline. Pago was furious and his fans booed the official. As Pago was leaving the arena, his fans were chanting his name.

We managed to get Pago to answer a few questions after the match...
Interviewer: Pago, we can't believe you got disqualified from the match, what are your feelings on that?
Pago: My feelings? Are you dense? Can't you see me screaming in anger here?
Interviewer: Could you tell us the story behind Pago's Paws?
Pago: Now you are asking the good questions. Pago's Paws represent the awesome collective power of all aliens in combat and in the known universe! No one can beat an alien in a fair fight! Everyone knows that! Don't you know that!? And what happened just now is a perfect example of this huck! I was cheated out of my shot! My fans were robbed of seeing their favorite alien athlete rise through the ranks! Raaaaaa! (Pago jumps down a 15 foot staircase and crashes into a vending machine, he kicks the machine, bites a snackwich, spits it out, and leaves.)
Interviewer: Well, folks, Pago has spoken.

Clawjack Magunny vs PK
The returning demon, PK, met his fans' warm reception with a quiet bow and prepared to fight Clawjack Magunny. PK brought in a Drosh, a Ranchek, and an Iron Monster during the match. Clawjack made benefit of a Demonic Combat Database to shut down PK's attacks early on. Then he pumped himself up with a Siphon to try to recover from PK's beasts. The match lasted a long time with both gladiators on defense (PK at one point intercepted an attack to his Iron Monster!) But then PK finished off Clawjack with a swarm of Demented Maggots!

Madame Petice vs Trace
This match would be Trace's first one-on-one, and she seemed very nervous as she faced a calm and confident Madame Petice. Trace surprised Petice and the Ophidian fans who cheered when she nailed the Madame with a wild swing followed by a Mindlash. Then, Petice calmed Trace with a an aura called Tainted Yin and prepared herself to see the Truth behind any Delusion (an act revealing her extensive experience in both the Mystic and Psi disciplines). This would deny Trace a chance to use her arena favorite, Distraction. The match continued and the Madame slowly defeated Trace using sťances and possessions like Otherworld Presence, Otherworld Whispers, and Kaleem's Desire.

We managed to get Trace to answer a few questions after the match...
Interviewer: Trace, would you comment on your first match? How was it? What did you think of your opponent?
Trace: I was scared at first, I never fought anyone like that. One-on-one, I mean. And Madame Petice is a great gladiator.
Interviewer: When she was first possessed with Kaleem's Desire, you Suffocated her and got rid of it--what went through your mind when you saw her do it again later on, and why didn't you Suffocate her a second time?
Trace: She really got me by surprise the whole match. Especially with that second Kaleem's Desire. I just wasn't ready for her.
Interviewer: Trace, just one more question, would you try another one-on-one? Would you rematch Madame Petice? What would you do different?
Trace: (as she is escorted out by a keeper) I can't talk now, I'm sorry, I have to go, we can talk later, if you want, bye...

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