16-Gladiator Tourney Results
Here are the semi-final results of the 16-gladiator one-on-one tournament

The Stranger vs Madame Petice
The match exploded with action as the two gladiators battled it out using their awesome powers of mind vs spirit. The Stranger circled Madame Petice like a Paban war cat, constantly testing her weak spots, trying to find a perfect moment to strike. Madame Petice kept her cool and held up a good defense. The Stranger started to throw mental Bolts which eventually got through the Madame's defense. Her sťances didn't seem to provide an efficient counter force, and soon The Stranger had the upper hand. His mental attacks were visibly having a greater effect on Madame Petice, as she was slowly showing signs of exhaustion. Suddenly, she unleashed a great sťance, which knocked The Stranger off his rhythm, and slowed him down. The arena had an eerie atmosphere--as if powerful spirits were very close. At one point, the fans grew silent and a feint humming or moaning could be heard. Most children and even some adults were afraid. Madame Petice used this sťance, usually called Zdantal's Gift, to successfully surprise The Stranger and give her enough time to summon a more powerful spirit to possess her. We could see the power rushing through her, as she was almost physically transformed. Her appearance was like that of an angry goddess. But just before she closed in on The Stranger and finish him off, The Stranger used his mental powers to Suffocate her under her own possession and twist her thoughts and emotions. This almost killed the Madame, but The Stranger calculated just enough to knock her out and get the win. When the match was over, all the fans breathed a sigh of relief and cheered both The Stranger and Madame Petice.

We interviewed The Stranger after his match and he answered some questions...
Interviewer: May I ask a few questions? How do you feel about the match you just won?
The Stranger: I have much respect for the one known as Madame Petice. Her skills are good and she has a lot of hidden power.
Interviewer: You hold two upset victories in this tournament. Are you surprised you got this far? Do you think you could win the event?
The Stranger: My major goal in this tournament is not to win. I am not surprised I got this far.
Interviewer: Well, congratulations and good luck, have you anything to say to your fans?
The Stranger: The winds on Yelka shall change their ways, and the shadowcat's cry will last for days.
(The Stranger walks away.)
Interviewer: And there you have it, The Stranger has spoken.

We also got Madame Petice to answer a few questions...
Interviewer: Madame Petice, you just fought in an incredible match and lost. What are your feelings on this?
Madame Petice: Winning and Losing are all part of life. I do not feel sad, but I do not feel happy either. Q'estaok is a strange and powerful individual.
Interviewer: How was it fighting him? You seemed a bit stressed.
Madame Petice: His mental powers are like none I've seen in a very long time. It was like running in an icy labyrinth. I felt trapped and alone and frustrated and lost, but I also noticed something about myself during the match.
Interviewer: What was it?
Madame Petice: I noticed more... I don't know. I can't tell for sure, but I feel as if... something... I'm sorry, I need to rest.
Interviewer: Thank you, Madame. Now let's go to our next match.

Version 9 vs PK
Two of the most popular gladiators fought a most incredible match this evening. PK seemed to be on a much more aggressive level with Version 9 compared to his other opponents. PK portalled in more vicious and dangerous minions like Lock Jaw and a swarm of Snakes in addition to his regulars like Iron Monster. Version 9 had brought in some new weapons and items from his discipline including the massive Nerve Pulse Cannon--which he actually hit PK with, effectively shutting down the demon. Fans for both gladiators went into a frenzy when each one attacked, dodged, and counter attacked the other. It was a grueling match. PK Transported his minions through Portals right behind Version 9's robots--just like he did with himself and Maximillion--and took them out. At one point, PK and his minions were about to close in for the kill on Version 9, but Version 9 called in for some remote help, and had hundreds of tiny Bombers take out PK's minions and even knock down PK. Version 9 stood over the angry demon, picked him up over his head, and started to tear him apart. PK struggled, but he could not get loose. Then Version 9 slammed PK into the arena floor. PK was all bloody and the match was over. Version 9 had defeated PK. Some of PK's fans went silent, worried about their favorite gladiator who wasn't moving after the attack. The Version 9 fans shouted at the top of their lungs NINE NINE NINE! After Version 9 left, PK was immediately taken under medical care. An announcement was made that PK would be all right and his fans were relieved.

Version 9 was available for comment...
Interviewer: Version 9! congratulations on yet another victory. What have you to say?
Version 9: I am Version 9. None shall stand before me.
Interviewer: What was your strategy for the match? Did you have to change it to account for PK's fighting style?
Version 9: My strategy works with all manner of opponents. Everyone has a life line. My strategy is to find it and stop it.
Interviewer: You've defeated Bull's Eye, Little Jinx, and now PK. Can you defeat The Stranger and win this event?
Version 9: It is certain.
Interviewer: What have you to say to The Stranger before you guys fight?
Version 9: Your mental attacks will not stop me. I will charge and destroy you.
Interviewer: Version 9, folks, they don't call him the Machine of Death for nothing.

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