16-Gladiator Tourney Results
Here are the final round results of the 16-gladiator one-on-one tournament

Version 9 vs The Stranger
As both challengers entered the arena, the fans began a Pol-tec chant (similar to the sound of a buzzing motor with a shifting intensity) and then went silent. This is usually a signal by the fans to the gladiators saying they want to see an exciting opening move. And Version 9 delivered. He sprang high into the air thanks to his cyborg legs and launched a Nukatal Boom-Rang at The Stranger. The Stranger jumped to the side to avoid it, but the Boom-Rang still hit him. The fans shouted with approval. Version 9 tried to land on him, but missed.
However, The Stranger was limping. The Boom-Rang had hit his knee. Version 9 saw this and immediately shot out a Grappling hook from his arm, pulled The Stranger towards him, but then paused for an instant. Usually he would throw a powerful right hook but thanks to the recent stipulation, that might get him disqualified. Instead he grabbed The Stranger by the arms and squeezed him together. The Stranger struggled as Version 9's mechanical arms clenched tighter. Finally, Version 9 let go and The Stranger fell to the floor.
Version 9 brought out his Cage Bot and Draxile's Arm. He picked up The Stranger to put him in the Cage Bot, but The Stranger was playing dead and suddenly burst out of Version 9's arms and hit him right in the chest. Version 9 flew across the floor, right into Cage Bot's conveyor belt. He was caught on one of the hooks by his neck and The Stranger hit him with a Bolt of mental energy. As Version 9 was trying to recover, he sent Draxile's Arm after The Stranger. Nine was stuck inside Cage Bot and had to destroy it to get out. At this point, The Stranger broke free from the Arm's grip and was ready for Version 9.
Version 9 charged like a rocket and flew at The Stranger. The Stranger stood his ground and opened up his cloak, almost forming a net. Version 9 flew right into The Stranger and the both of them rolled into a ball surrounded by The Stranger's huge cloak. The fans cheered Version 9.
For a moment, there was no movement. Then, The Stranger stood up, releasing Version 9. Version 9 was holding his head, obviously trying to fight off The Stranger's mental powers. Version 9 kept stumbling as if his head was stuck in a vice. Version 9 called for a Ti Te To Tal Boom. It went right for The Stranger and blasted him right out of the arena. The match had to be stopped momentarily because The Stranger had fallen right on top of the spectators. They loved it, everyone was touching The Stranger and trying to take his cloak. Some security and some keepers got The Stranger and brought him back into the match.
Version 9 was able to recover and brought in Br00zer to finish off The Stranger. However, before he could give the order to his bot, Version 9 was hit by a tremendous blast of Psi energy and fell to his knees. It looked like he was out, but he got up again. Looking like an a broken puppet, he slowly walked towards The Stranger. The Stranger Bolted him again, bringing him down to his knees and finally knocking him out. As Version 9 collapsed he let out a mechanical moan which was drowned out by the sound of The Stranger's fan's cheers.

After the match, we spoke with The Stranger...
Interviewer: Congratulations on winning the tournament! What have you to say?
The Stranger: I have accomplished my goals for this tournament.
(The Stranger starts to leave.)
Interviewer: Wait, you just had your third upset victory in this match and over Version 9 of all people. How do you feel? Do you think you should be considered a 3 VP gladiator?
The Stranger: There are things more important to me than rankings.
(The Stranger leaves.)

Version 9 declined to comment...

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