VP: 1
Name: Kos'Bargithd
Type: Demon
Gender: Male
Origin: Skiverkilial
Disciplines: War
Biography and Timeline

Kos'Bargithd is a tall, thin demon from Skiverkilial. He is a swordmaster, and his favorite weapon is a three-foot long sword. He was trained from birth to become a fearful warrior on the battlefields, and he had learned to maneuver many types of swords.
His deadliest moves are seen when he teams up with his mentor, Pestilence. Pestilence usually poisons Kos'Bargithd Ďs reaver, making an attack from the weapon fatal to many gladiators. His ability in controlling the massive weapon gave him a spot on dark Arkzilipulís team.
He is also one of the Devourer of Soulsí Henchmen. Kos is no coward when following his masterís orders. Kosíbargithdís mission outside the arenas is to track down P.K. and lead his master to him.
Every booker in known space is betting that Kos'Bargithd will raise ranks very soon, as his team with seasoned demons will have a lot to teach him.



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