VP: 2
Name: H'Ronka
Type: Alien
Gender: Male
Origin: Cybicon V, Garina
Disciplines: Bio-tek / Cybernetics
Biography and Timeline

H'Ronka is a rare alien species who left his planet in an adventure to seek out civilizations that were either biologically or scientifically more advanced than his own.
His trip led him to a major Ophidian circuit in Gasherdel. He met some Ophidian scientists and technicians and they told him about the gladiator arenas. This interested H'Ronka on many levels because of the Cybernetics/Bio-tek disciplines combinations used.
He signed up for a year contract to raise his skills and also implement new ones in the flourishing battlegrounds.
H'Ronka speaks in an uncommon language and the only people who can understand him are those with knowledge of basic programming languages. Mannequin and Berserker can communicate with him using binary code.

2349 H'Ronka places 3rd in the Gasherdel Invitational and gets a 2VP rank.



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