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...adventure journal of the treasure hunter who finds relics for anyone paying the best price...
The Journals of Doctor Armand Kopelman
...collection of journal excerpts detailing the expeditions of the renowned Cyntho-biologist...
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The Journals of Doctor Armand Kopelman
Compiled by Scribe Kevin J. Coleman

That which follows is an archival collection of journal excerpts, as well as full entries, detailing the august expeditions of the renowned Cyntho-biologist, Doctor Armand Kopelman. A leading scientist of the current era, Kopelman has been responsible for the discovery and cataloging of two-hundred-and-thirty-three species, including extensive research on the demon-kin parasites known as Krevlocs. Through his unparalleled exploits in the various sciences, Kopelman has redefined the laws of physics and has quashed disease and virus alike, including that of the Red Plague, as well as finding a cure for the common cold.

“Cease to be ruled by dogma and authority, go out and look at the Universe!”
        --Armand Kopelman

Entry 6: Concerning Krevlocs (Part 6)

Entry 5: Concerning Krevlocs (Part 5)

Entry 4: Concerning Krevlocs (Part 4)

Entry 3: Concerning Krevlocs (Part 3)
The journals of the doctor now continue starting with with this entry, a continuation of the mission to gather information on the krevlocs.

Entry 2: Concerning Krevlocs (Part 2)

Entry 1: Concerning Krevlocs (Part 1)

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