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The Journals of Maya Tempora
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The Journals of Maya Tempora
Written by Carl van Ostrand

This is the journal of Maya Tempora, a young female exile from the city of Joka Yilsi on Solop Avagar. A blood relative of the powerful family running the House of Tempora, she was outcast as a traitor to her family and planet.

New! Entry 14 - The party has made the long trek south of the ruins in the Lesser Dunes and they are closing in on the barracks, not knowing exactly what to expect. La Sinja, Opac, and Maya have spent much of their journey in deep discussion, and it has been several days since Mayaís last journal entry.

Entry 13 - The companions have talked with Opac, who has revealed his goals are quite the opposite of theirs. There is still much to be learned concerning Opacís motives.

Entry 12 - After a fierce display of Opac Sentirís powers, Maya and company were deserted by Anduan, and left in the ruins of the Lesser Dunes without transportation. More importantly, they would soon know why Opac had interrupted their travels.

Entry 11 - On their way to the Kilflame Oasis to locate the Green Pariah, the partyís travels were interrupted by the presence of a spectral. The gladiator known as Opac Sentir hoped to peacefully persuade the party to stop their quest to save the Elders, but negotiations would not begin without bloodshed.

Entry 10 - Maya, Fist, Helios, and Anduan have arrived at Anduanís launchpad, hidden within the dunes of the Jukano Desert. They met with The Stranger and La Sinja Tempora to devise a plan and now their party will travel east to the Kilflame Oasis.

Entry 9 - Maya has received terrible news from Anduan. The Red Pariah, one of the Elders of Solop Avagar, was kidnapped. Two Ophidian gladiators, Bullís Eye and Goth Garal were involved. The capture was nearly thwarted by The Stranger and La Sinja Tempora, Mayaís sister.

Entry 8 - As Maya and her companions blaze across the dessert sands in Anduanís Moonjumper, she recounts her nearly failed escape.

Entry 7 - Maya and her companions remain prisoner in Version 9ís camp. She fears that if she fails to escape, she will be forced to face her father again. And she cannot shake the feeling that the Ophidians' take-over of the Justich Federation arenas, could mean the doom of Solop Avagar. Thankfully, she will soon have some help getting more answers.

Entry 6 - The party has encountered an unfortunate turn of fate. Very near to Anduanís encampment, where he said he would meet her, they have been taken prisoner. She is slowly gaining clues about her brotherís motives.

Entry 5 - The three companions enjoy their rest at the oasis. Maya remains concerned, however, at the presence of the bots somewhere not too far away. She is also plagued by thoughts of her last moments with her brother. She never thought it would come to his death.

Entry 4 - Maya and Helios must break from the Golem herd to refill supplies at an oasis. They do, however, gain a new ally.

Entry 3 - After a close call in the pass of the Cliffs of Ashrock, Maya and Helios continue north along with the Stone Golem herd. She seeks to find the man she loves, a raider named Anduan. He has a Moonjumper hidden in the desert, and can help her get off the planet.

Entry 2 - Today, Maya and Helios make their journey through the Cliffs of Ashrock, named for their grayish-black color. The cliffs are generally known as a camping ground for a range of fearsome creatures. It is now nighttime after a long day of adventuring.

Entry 1 - Maya begins her journal with her first day in exile. She travels with her Fire Familiar who she has named Helios.

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