The Matches on Gasherdel
Even with the strong Seventh Vanguard presence, two matches were held on Gasherdel in the Cathedral-Prime Arena, for the Garina System Demon Wars Invitational...


The opening match was a special one-on-one between the demon-child Poc Shot and Kronnax, who is returning to the Ophidian Arenas. Kronnax entered wearing biohazard mask supplied by the Seventh Vanguard. Poc Shot protested this, but due to current regulations in the Garina System, Kronnax was in his rights to wear the mask.

The match was started. Poc Shot worked feverishly to produce an airborne contagion. Through the biohazard mask, Kronnax felt nothing. He lunged at Poc Shot and landed a jump kick that sent the demon child flying. Though this was not the fatal blow, it the beginning of his end. He stumbled to his feet and unleashed a toxin in the air. He hurt himself more than Kronnax. He next attempted to decay the biohazard mask. Before he was successful, Kronnax beat him into unconsciousness

This swift victory drove the crowd wild. Even some of the demons cheered Kronnax for the quick, unarmed victory. It is a rare occurrence for a demon to cheer for anyone over their own kind. Kronnax looks to have a promising career ahead of him.


This match was deja vu for these two teams. Recently, Freakshow and Arkzilipul's teams faced off right here in Cathedral-Prime on Gasherdel. Arkzilipul asked for this rematch. In an interview before the match, David "Freakshow" Dangers expressed concern about this fight in Cathedral-Prime. When asked if he was afraid he could not defeat Arkzilipul again, he shook his head "no," stared cryptically at the arena, and muttered something about spirits.

All eight gladiators chose to forgo any equipment from the Seventh Vanguard. Arkzilipul remarked, "Infection is a risk we take every time we fight against, or with, a bio-tek gladiator." Freakshow and his team stood in the center of the arena floor, ferociously awaiting the fight to start. Arkzilipul's team stood back, awaiting their adversaries to advance on them.

Freakshow's team started off swinging. Naru "Striking Dragon" Kami and Schaeffer "The Stallion" Steelarm pounced on the advancing demon Kos'Bargithd. The Stallion struggled with a Sunder Maul while Striking Dragon went for a Tigbar Sweep Combo. Kos'Bargithd responded by swinging his three-foot long sword wildly. The Stallion lost part of his right arm. He elected to be taken out of the fight just before he bled to death. Striking Dragon received as much damage as he dealt.

Freakshow and Opac advanced on Goth Garal. Freakshow broke out in Poison Boils, but did not let that slow him down. Meanwhile, Opac attacked with a Phase Blade given to him by Freakshow. Even after a Velocity Shift, Goth Garal could not turn the flow of the attack, and he was beaten into submission.

Opac turned to fight what he thought was another gladiator. Instead, he found himself in swarm of plague flies. They positioned themselves into a humanoid formation, luring Opac into a trap. Opac started developing Open Sores, Lung Spores, and dripping wounds. He went to attack Pestilence in his final moments, but sudden onset exhaustion caused him to collapse. He was out of the fight.

Once Striking Dragon had finished with Kos'Bargithd, he limped after Pestilence. Gloating over his defeat of Opac, Pestilence stood like a statue of a god, basking in the admiration of the fans. Striking Dragon barely touched him and found the skin on his hands disintegration.

Two consecutive Nukatal Boom-Rangs shattered Pestilenceís arrogance. Freakshow followed this up by slamming himself into Pestilence with enough force to keep him from being a threat any longer. There was some damage dealt to Freakshow in retaliation, but with the aid of his nano-mites, he pushed through it.

Only the team captains were left. Arkzilipul had been quiet all fight. Going unnoticed, he had produced an army of demonic minions, and was still bringing out more. The minion army was an oceanic barrier between Freakshow and the last remaining opponent, and they would have to be crossed before Arkzilipul could be touched. Things looked grim. Worse yet, Freakshow suddenly became distracted by something unseen. He looked around the arena, but for whom or for what, only he knew. The minions advanced.

One of the minions to come out of Arkzilipul's portal was a Krevlock Screamer. Though declared "safe" by the Ophidians, The Seventh Vanguard was more cautious of anything of krevlock origin. The Seventh Vanguard rushed the arena floor. Using a "cleansing foam," they sprayed, not only the Krevlock Screamer, but every minion who came out of the same portal, for fear of contamination. The acidic nature of the foam killed all but a few of the strongest minions. Arkzilipulís minions, and his plans, were destroyed.

Freakshow was focused once again. He threw his Nukatal Boom-Rangs at Arkzilipul, hurting him. They returned, and he threw them again. Once Arkzilipul was considerably hurt, Freakshow sidestepped the remaining minion threats and went for the one-on-one, bare fisted offense. Arkzilipul attempted a last minute defense, trying to heal himself before the last effort fight, but he was spent from all the portaling, and could not pull off what he wanted. When Arkzilipul fell, there was still enough life left in Freakshow to take on a couple minions, which was unnecessarily showy.

Even through the strong presence of the Seventh Vanguard, the Garina Demon Wars Invitational crowds were pleased at most of these results. This spectacle will surely help with Gasherdel's failing tourism.

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