Clawjack Magunny
VP: 1
Name: Jack Magunny
Type: Human / Construct
Gender: Male
Origin: Opali, Justich
Disciplines: Cybernetics
Biography and Timeline

Jack Magunny was a bright young scientist working for Opali Futurnetics Co. a Helix Co. subsidiary. He was in on his way up in the company until one small incident caused his downfall. He was arrested for using the company resources to become a cybermancer and to steal credits for himself.
At first the profit of his creations reverted to Opali Futurnetics but then CJ started to get greedy, and thought that he could sell the latest version of the Demonic Combat Database software developed by his company. What he wasn’t expecting was that the company was spying on him. So when he thought he found a buyer, he was arrested and dismissed from Opali Futurnetics Co., but the company made a pact with him. And that made CJ into a Gladiator, as the agreement was that he wouldn’t go to prison if he entered the Ophidian League. Now in the Arenas CJ is on a wave of ascension, and some even say that he will raise in ranks before the season ends.

2349 Jack Magunny is fired from Opali Futurnetics Co. due to his greed and the fact that he was caught selling company prototypes to the black market.
2350 Clawjack Magunny enters the Ophidian League and is considered a rising star in the arenas and is expected to rise in ranks soon.



by Hugo Ferreira



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