Kaleem's Last Match
Fan Fiction by Hugo Ferreira

Arena Legends - Kaleem
By Hugo Ferreira

2349 - Sysslanth planet - Ophidian Championship Title match...

"Welcome back for the fourth wave of this astonishing match between Prince of Gates and Kaleem, the current Ophidian Champion. In the previous waves we've seen more action than in the rest of the season as those two gladiators give their best for the title." Shouts Raffi, one of the announcers for the evening.

"It's true, in my entire career I never saw a match like this. There were so many minions against Kaleem but he defeated them without a blink," replies Shaun, the other announcer.

On the Arena, Ashley walks through the bloody floor with some Ophidian, Inc. publicity posters.

"Yeah, the Prince wants the title badly, but things don't look good for him. Kaleem´s desire is to stay the champion. And looking at the previous waves I bet that he will win. I don't think that the Prince will be able to defeat him. Both of them are exhausted."

"You wanna bet? How much?"

"Well I bet 10 credits!"


"Raffi, those will be the easiest credits that I win."

But before Shaun could say anymore, Prince of Gates portals three Zwazaw that jump on Kaleem. He is able to dodge two of them, but one tears into his right leg.

With blood all over his body, Kaleem tries a séance to elude the demons, but with no success.

He falls onto the cold Arena floor.

On the Prince’s face there's a smile...

As the Prince orders his demons to give the final strike to Kaleem, Kaleem grabs an ancient relic and destroys the three demons.

Kaleem´s Triangle gave him the momentum so he strikes back at the Prince with enraged strength catching him off guard. As man and demon measure strengths, Prince starts to fall back. Kaleem’s fierce aura is extended through to the Prince and he falls down.

In a desperate move, Prince of Gates portals Ryla, an demon from Daemonhelm. As confused as she may be, she instantly runs to Kaleem, ripping his body with her claws.

Kaleem fights back...

But the cut in his stomach starts itching.

He starts getting dizzy and confused.

But then he realizes that her claws were full with poison. Then all around him goes dark...


But suddenly a bright aura embraces the Arena blinding everyone.

"What was that?" shouts Raffi.

But no one can answer that question.

When the light fades it is possible to see Ryla running to the Prince of Gates, she looks almost as if she were possessed by some spirit.

«What’s happening to me? Where am I?» She thinks

And as she gets near Prince of Gates, the demon that summoned her...

She knocks the 4 V.P. Gladiator down.

Then she sees an opening in the Arena, and she runs to it, killing two keepers that were in her way.

After that, one Ophidian referee enters the arena, and once he checks Kaleem´s body... he gives the title to Prince of Gates, still getting up from the punch that Ryla gave him.

Then some Keepers and a Medical crew carry Kaleem’s body to the arena backstage.

"What was that all about?" says Raffi.

"That my friend was my easiest 10 credits. But let's go for what's important."

"It's true ladies and gentlebeings, we have our new Champion..." says Raffi

"...The demon, Prince of Gates. And that's all for now. This was the end of this season..." continued Shaun

"...Come back next year for the next season of the Leagues in Arena Time."

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