Pago vs The Stranger Rematch

The Stranger entered the arena, blocking out the hiss of the Raskelon crowd. He waited for Pago to appear. There was a pause and the fans started chanting "Pago! Pago! Pago!" Suddenly, an explosion occurred at one side of the field and a figure in a dark cloak rose from beneath the floor. Everyone went silent. The figure took a step forward and pointed at The Stranger and then gave the thumbs down. The fans started chanting softly Pago's name again, hoping the figure was him. The figure took off the hood and it was Pago; his fans shouted for joy. This would be a good match.

Pago kept the cloak on, which was actually a shadow cloak (a favorite among assassins), and moved around the arena like a cat. The Stranger waited, trying to anticipate Pago's next step. Pago injected himself with an adrenaline shot to boost up his reflexes and then took out a massive maul.

The Stranger grasped the air in from of him, using his Psi powers to choke Pago from a distance. Pago dropped the maul and tried to gasp some air. Then The Stranger went out of Pago's line of sight, and hid himself using his Psi powers again.

After Pago recovered, he looked around but could not see his opponent. Stranger hit him with a mental attack that dropped Pago on the floor. The fans started to hiss and Pago was starting to lose his patience. Then Pago made his muscles swell to double size, but it would do no good if he didn't know where The Stranger was hiding.

He made a motion to the fans asking for their help and they started pointing. Then he took a set of electric chains and whipped them in that direction. The Stranger dodged them, but was now out in the open. The fans started to stand up and stomp their fists into their hands. The Stranger had to act fast as Pago rushed him swiftly.

He tried to open up his cloak, but Pago was moving too fast and hit The Stranger with a big jumpkick. The fans were cheering as Pago knocked The Stranger out. He put his arms up in the air and a few of his fans ran out into the arena to celebrate with him, but then they stopped and pointed.

Pago turned around and saw The Stranger was not through yet. The Stranger raised his arms up and then quickly folded his hands together by his chest and started to concentrate.

Pago screamed and infected The Stranger on the cellular level. However The Stranger was not affected because he set up an aura to protect against viral infections. The Stranger started to focus again and Pago took out his famous Pago's Paws. Then Pago ran to attack The Stranger.

Suddenly, he stopped and then looked like he was lost. He moved back. The Stranger quickly walked near him and hit him with a mind-raid. Pago then took his arms up and attacked The Stranger, knocking him to the ground again. But then Pago hit himself. The Stranger was using his awesome powers of the mind against Pago, who looked lost in the arena.

Pago came out of it and was furious that his opponent was playing tricks on him. He put his elbows by his ribs, crossed his arms, then put his arm forward, and a huge two-foot blade sprung from his fist. If the fans were sitting down, they would have stood up.

Pago hit The Stranger with a punch backed-up by his paws, and then stabbed him so hard that he lifted The Stranger off the ground. Then he took a step back as everyone looked at The Stranger.

Everyone yelled with frustration as the spectral gladiator turned and got up from that vicious attack. Pago couldn't believe it! The Stranger then hit him again with another mental bolt.

Pago fell down, almost dead, but started to mutate himself as a last-ditch effort. He got up all rabid and slobbering. This risky mutation might end up killing Pago, but he didn't care, The Stranger had to go down. The alien/construct charged the enemy one last time--but no! The Stranger had another trick up his sleeve! He neutralized Pago's mutation by removing it with an anti-mutation agent.

Pago fell to his knees (he was so tired) and put his head down. His fans were sad; they didn't want him to lose. The started chanting his name again. The Stranger, also tired, walked up to Pago and was about to finish him off, when Pago raised his head real fast and stabbed The Stranger. His fans had given him just enough energy to win the match. At the end, both gladiators were unconscious and had to be revived.

Pago was very glad to speak with us after the match...
(Pago approaches with a whole bunch of his fans, they are rejoicing)
Interviewer: Pago, you have defeated The Stranger. What have you to say?
Pago: Wooooo! I feel great! I won the match and I'm going to celebrate with my fans!
Interviewer: The Stranger pulled out all stops against you, how was it fighting the Psi/Mystic?
Pago: What a headache! The whole time was like the morning after a kick-butt party. Kind of like what tomorrow will be like, right guys! (The fans all shout)
Interviewer: It ended up you pulled a trick out of your hat the last second.
Pago: That was no trick! I was goin' home to my momma until my fans woke me up and helped me finish the match. Enough talk, where's the nearest 'tender! You can come too, if you think you can handle a Raskelon-style celebration! Let's Goooooo! (They leave)
Interviewer: Pago at his happiest, folks. I'll probably celebrate from a distance.

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