Sarati Route Space Race
The Sarati Route Space Race is a historic tradition of the Gercans.

In 2254, The Raskelons were about to make a massive invasion on Ramdeem Prime. This surprise attack, if successful would have given the Raskelons a considerable advantage in the war with the Leonides. Thanks to technology borrowed from New Ruege, a vital message was intercepted between Dkarthad spies on Ramdeem Prime and a Dkarthad Admiral stationed in Eru T'dath (a small planet near the Raskelon-Leonide border).

On Jamsine IV, a planet close to Ramdeem Prime, a handful of Gercan soldiers were given the order to send word and supplies to Ramdeem Prime before the Raskelon attack. They rushed from the communications base to the spaceport and boarded their ships. Soon they were on their way.

Unfortunately, the soldiers encountered many obstacles including Raskelon spies. Some died on the way, but the mission was successful; Ramdeem Prime was alerted about the attack and was able to prepare defenses to counter it. After their unsuccessful attack, the Raskelons were unable to gain an edge in the war and eventually a stalemate was declared.

The route the Gercans took from Jamsine IV to Ramdeem Prime was named after Captain Sarati, whose sacrifice made it possible for the rest of the Gercan soldiers to reach their goal and save Ramdeem Prime from invasion.

Every year since 2279, officials from Ramdeem Prime, the Gercan Homeworld, and Jamsine IV have organized a race on the Sarati Route. To compete in this race is considered a great honor and the winner would gain much favor from the Gercan Space Armada.

This year, a few Ophidian gladiators have joined the race in addition to the regular competitors.

    They are...
  • Former Tigbar Captain, Rose Leta Waznu
  • The stealthy, Leetah Kalynda
  • With his vast knowledge in Cybernetics, Berserker
  • Representing Nukatal advancement, Kasious Koal
  • The Machine of Death, Version 9
  • From Daemonhelm, Prince of Gates
  • The pilot-turned gladiator, H'Ronka
  • Bringing his Outworld skills into the race, Goth Garal
  • Testing out the latest starship from the Helix Corporation, "Speed Head" Stefan Hartel
  • He took first place in the 2347 Ramdeem Prime’s Personal Vessel Race and Combat Games, The Stallion
  • 9-time Leonide Space Circuit Champion, Eric "Blue-Eye" Berka
  • Last year's Champion, Gercan Captain "Sting" Ray Raba

These 12 participants will race on the same route the Gercan soldiers took 96 years ago. Starting at the communications building on Jamsine IV, they will each take a Gercan survival package (representing the supplies the soldiers took to Ramdeem Prime) and race on their personal vessels to the spaceport launchpad area where their individual starships will be waiting.

Once they board, they will take off and head to Ramdeem Prime following the Sarati Route. The journey lasts approximately 35 hours with no stops. Some barriers the pilots will have to watch out for include a mysterious hyper-space vortex, an asteroid field, possibly some rogue pirates, and of course, each other. That's right, the Gercan soldiers had to out race and out blast the spies that folowed them, so in the Sarati Route Space Race, anything goes.

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