Ophidian League in the Raskelon System
Raskelon System, Dkarthad Homeworld - As the Raskelon Dkarthadís anti-human sentiment reaches its apex, thereís no worse time to be a human gladiator in the Raskelon system. At the same time, the demonís are loved and revered by this mostly alien system.

Arena rules (For Ophidian 2350 players)
Rules: Standard
Gladiators: Managerís choice
The Merciless Raskelon Arenas: Only because of pressure from the Ophidians, have the Raskelonís allowed humans to compete, but they wonít make it an easy battle. That being said, there is one sure way for a human to endear themselves to this anti-human crowd: By sacrificing themselves for an ďadvancedĒ species.
If a human intercepts an attack against an alien or demon when a cheer was at risk, they gain +1 Cheer. If that human dies in the course of that interception they gain an additional +1 Cheer. Attacks by humans do not generate Cheer.
Demons Rule: When a demon of yours is killed, they count as +1 VP for your opponent for taking down a revered species. For every demon a player controls that survives to the end of the game, they gain +1 VP.

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