Ophidian League in the Matricc System
Matricc System, Varrenhold - The Matricc System’s recovery from the Dark Ages is due mostly to gladiator combat. Refugees from the Tarn System added to the variety in Varrenhold’s population. Its diversity and democratic government makes it the cultural center of the Matricc System.

Arena rules (For Ophidian 2350 players)
Rules: Standard
Gladiators: Manager’s choice
Freedom of Variety: Arenas on Varrenhold reward an assorted team of gladiators. If your starting gladiator team can let you play all six disciplines (this is a Matricc deck), you get +2 Bonus cards during the breather and start the match with +2 VP and +2 Cheer.
Kelnite Protests: Sometimes, Kelnite fanatics hold protests in Varrenhold. If your opponent plays a Kelnite deck (all gladiators on their team each have one shared discipline) against your Matricc deck and wins, they score +3 VP for their win.

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