Lotharís Team vs. Ironsidesí Team
The match was held in the Danger Zone, on Toreador, with 95,000 fans in the arena watching. Lotharís team consisted of him, Maximillion, Pago, and the newly traded Stallion. They were ready to fight Ironsides, Mannequin, Leetah Kalynda, and Taa Ra.


Lothar's team had an interview before the match.
Pago: I am upset that we lost an alien. I want to so much have an all-alien team, but we'll see how it goes. I've seen The Stallion in combat before, he's a good fighter.
Maximillion: Many have found a home here where they can be accepted for what they are, but many have lost their homes for what they believe in. I urge the citizens of Tarn and their leaders to repeal the law that makes it a crime to practice another religion other than the Kelnite Faith. As member of the Tri-Solar Confederate, the Tarn System should share or at least tolerate the same philosophies of religious freedom practiced in the Justich and Matricc Systems.
Lothar: With our combined expertise in War, we will overrun Ironsides and his team.

Ironsides commented for his team.
Ironsides: Lothar, our paths cross once again. Your team has no real unity and you will be crushed. Iíll see you in the arenas.

The Kelniteís rules of combat gave Lotharís team a larger starting purse due to their teamís shared discipline.

Columns of flame burst form the ground of the Danger Zoneís floors, and the match quickly got under way. Ironsides provided some cover as Leetah armed the rest of their team. Pago made a nod to The Stallion and the two of them went to attack Mannequin, but Ironsidesí cover stopped both attempts. Taa Ra now wielded a wicked hammer.

Maximillion and Lothar made a stealthy attack getting past Ironsides and attacked Taa Ra and Mannequin. As they regrouped, Mannequin and Leetah began to bring out small minions like a zwazaw and a rancheck. To back them up, Mannequin prepared a pair of grub servers. The stench of the foil meats and vegetables didnít offend the gladiators and only made the minions eager to fulfill their task so that they can munch down on their reward.

Pago made an attempt to take out the wounded Ironsides with a bio-injury. Pustules grew on Ironsidesí head but the construct gladiator was able to tolerate the pain and continue to fight. He charged Lothar and the two went into a warriorís brawl.

With her team leader busy in the center of the arena, Leetah stepped up and continued to provide cover for her teammates. The fans cheered as the fighting escalated quickly.

Mannequin was able to brings out a sphere of thrashing blades as Taa Ra held off any close range attacks. However, Pago was able to infect Mannequin with a mutation that caused him to smell so bad that Taa Ra had to step away from her AI symbiote partner. The Stallion came in and attacked Mannequin. The fans cheered as the tall and slender Mannequin rolled to the ground with Stallion's combo punches.

The thrasher blade flew towards Lotharís team, ruining the formation. They were now surrounded by their opponents and it looked like an early end. To top things off, Mannequin opened up a portal and brought out one of the scariest monsters to ever enter the arena.

The beast was over 20 feet tall and 25 feet long. It had a serpentine head and neck with the body of an arachnid. It had an additional 2 sets of arms, one set being long and so powerful that it had to be shackled to the arena ceiling. Its other set of arms were smaller and dormant, curled right above its massive, translucent abdomen. Inside that gut swirled acidic gastric fluid and the melting flesh and bones of whatever miserable creature it had feasted on earlier. There was still room for more.

Pago and The Stallion were frozen, staring in awe at the monster, but Maximillion saved his team. On his command, the teamís status went from vulnerable to well-defended. They braced themselves for the shackled monsterís attack. The creature moved slowly and headed right for The Stallion. Lothar attempted to block the attack and faced the creature. Bravely he fought it and sliced off two of its legs, but was overcome as the creature smothered him.

Pago immediately attacked the beast to try to finish it off. Maximillion went for an attack as well but against Taa Ra.

Ironsides regrouped with his team using some Tigbar rolls. However he wasnít able to save Taa Ra from Maximillionís attack. Taa Ra, wasnít worried. She was able to survive the attack using a Psi combat-swapping mind trace. With Maximillionís attack less effective, Taa Ra rolled past the human and headed to finish off the unprotected Stallion.

Meanwhile, Mannequin activated the lethal Pol-tec kilbot. This cybernetic minion was humanoid in form and made entirely out of metal and machinery. It wielded a phase gun in one hand and a glowing black cybersword in the other.

Taa Raís scream was heard as The Stallion finished her off. It appeared that her hammer was faulty and she was wounded when it broke in her hands. The Stallion capitalized on the neutralized threat and Ironsidesí team lost its first gladiator. Maximillion put on a suit of exo-skeletal armor, for even though both teams were down to 3 gladiators, Ironsidesí team lost a low-tier Taa Ra, while his team lost a high-tier Lothar.

Mannequinís kilbot charged the wounded Stallion and blasted a hole into his shoulder, eliminating him from the match. Pago, seeing this, left the shackled beast and tried to destroy the seemingly easier target, the kilbot. However, after Pago hit the kilbot it came right back at him and stabbed the alien right in the stomach. Pago fell to the ground, leaving only Maximillion to fight off against his opponents.

Things looked really bad for Maximillion but he didnít give up. He left alone all the minions and efficiently armed himself with an electro spear. Maximillion, thanks to the Kelnite fans who respected his teamís unity in War, was able to throw the spear at Ironsides and kill the construct. After that, Mannequin stabbed him with one of his elbow spikes and Leetah Kalynda jumpkicked him in the face. Dizzied, Maximillion stumbled forward and was rushed by the Pol-tec kilbot and the shackled beast. together they made short work of him, and giving the fans a spectacular blood fest to behold. The match was over and Ironsidesí team was announced as the winners.

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