An Interview with Pago
Shanon Marel Interviews Pago

Shannon: Hello, this is Shannon Marel and with me here is Pago. Welcome Pago, and I'd like to thank you in advance for coming to this interview.

Pago: You're welcome Shannon. Hey everyone! (Pago waves at the camera.)

Shannon: Well, Pago, let's start off with your past. You're from the Dkarthad Homeworld in the Raskelon System comprising of a vast array of alien species. How is life like over there?

Pago: Oh itís great, thereís no other place in the universe with a better or diverse alien population.

Shannon: Raskelon is ruled by the Raskelon Dkarthad, an anti-human militant theocracy that worships demons and is rumored to be preparing for a second war with the Leonide System. How much of that sentiment do you share?

Pago: First off, let me get this straight for everyone out there. I do not hate humans. I never hated humans. As a matter of fact, some of my friends are human. What I believe in is alien pride. Aliens have a vast untapped potential to excel in manyÖ no, all fields. I think we aliens should stick together and support each other. Because if we donít, no one will. And for the Leonide System, I have nothing against them, except they need to stop supporting humans and start supporting aliens or at least treat them equally.

Shannon: What are your thoughts on demons?

Pago: Demons are great. Back home, we loved to watch the Demon Wars Invitational and see our favorite demons fight in the arenas.

Shannon: Is that how you got into the Ophidian League?

Pago: Not really. Well, maybe. No, let me tell it. First off, I DO like gladiator matches, plus I have a military background. So it made sense for me to join. But the main reason I joined the Raskelon League was to prove that aliens can hold their own. Eventually with the changeover, I joined the Ophidian League--which is a good thing because there is a variety of races there and it is a perfect competitive grounds to show who is the best.

Shannon: At some time early in your career as a gladiator you overdosed on a cocktail of powerful synth-drugs and muscle enhancers. As a result, you ripped off your own limbs and split your skull. Could you tell us about that?

Pago: All right, a lot of people have asked that question so get this straight: those muscle enhancers were not illegal and available to those who looked for it, so I figured Iíd try it out. Unfortunately, a rage did come over me where I injured myself, but I did win the event.

Shannon: Yes, after that event you gained a 4VP rank but were placed on leave for recovery. Currently you are ranked 2VP as a result of the changeover to the Ophidian ranking system. How do you feel about that?

Pago: How would you feel going from one of the highest ranks to 2VP?! Of course not too many people believed it was discrimination against an alien, but I believe it was.

Shannon: Currently, you were involved in a brawl on Ramdeem Prime. You were arrested and held for questioning. Could you tell us more about that experience.

Pago: You see! That was another example of this discrimination huck! It was me and The Stallion, right, doing our own thing and having a good time until some people came around trying to start some trouble. Things got out of hand and we were arrested, but check this out. The Stallion was let go but I was held for more questioning. Is it any coincidence that The Stallion is human? Think about it.

Shannon: Yes, but the chief security officer said that you were held not because you were an alien but because you were from the Dkarthad Homeworld. There is still tension between the Raskelons and the Leonides. He was just making sure everything was safe.

Pago: Yeah. Whatever. You know it always seems like there is some logical explanation to all these events but if you take an unbiased look at it, deep down itís about aliens and the way everyone tries to keep us down.

Shannon: You have been out of major action for the past two months. How was your recent match, Lothar's Team vs. Lillith's Team?

Pago: Oh it was great, me and Lothar make good partners, Simon and Maximillion were cool too. Lillithís team wasnít bad either. Sheís so hot. Ryla too. That demoness is sooo worthy! The fans were kind of rough but eventually we won them over.

Shannon: How important are the fans to you?

Pago: Oh they mean everything. I draw my power and inspiration from the fans and I only hope to do the same for them with each battle I fight. Iíve received a lot of fan mail and love all my fans. I always respond to each letter, even if it takes some time, I eventually get to them all.

Shannon: Well, thank you for answering the questions and good luck to you. Is there any thing else youíd like to say?

Pago: (Pago stands and poses) Alien Power!

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