16-Gladiator Tourney Lineup
Hundreds have entered, but only a few were chosen. Here are the Gladiators that will compete in the 16-gladiator tournament.

  • Representing the Bio-tek discipline:
    • Pago
    • Ryla
  • Representing the Cybernetics discipline:
    • Berserker
    • Clawjack Magunny
    • Version 9
  • Representing the Mystic discipline:
    • Bull's Eye
    • Madame Petice
  • Representing the Portal discipline:
    • Leetah Kalynda
    • Little Jinx
    • P.K.
  • Representing the Psi discipline:
    • Taa Ra
    • The Stranger
    • Trace
  • Representing the War discipline:
    • Maximillion
    • Striking Dragon

That makes 15 gladiators. Once lucky Gladiator will get a by.

Here are the first round matches:

For our first match, War vs Portal:
Maximillion and Leetah Kalynda
Will Maximillion's military experience and tactics defeat Leetah and her stealthy minions?

For our second match, Psi vs Bio-tek:
The Stranger and Pago
Will The Stranger's long range mental attacks stop Pago, his craziness, and a barrage of his deadliest contact diseases?

For our third match, Cybernetics vs Portal:
Clawjack Magunny and PK
Will the legendary PK and his tough-as-nails minions overcome the rising star ClawJack Magunny and his slew of hardware and software devices?

For our fourth match, Mystic vs Psi:
Madame Petice and Trace
Will Madame Petice and her spiritual powers conquer Trace and her delusions and hallucinations?

For our fifth match, Bio-tek vs War:
Ryla and Striking Dragon
Will Striking Dragon's wide range of martial arts and cyberwares score a victory over Ryla and her fast and aggressive fighting style and deadly abilities?

For our sixth match, Cybernetics vs Psi:
Berserker and Taa Ra
Will Berserker and his cybernetic bots beat Taa Ra and her mind-raids?

For our seventh match, Little Jinx gets a by

For our eighth match, Mystic vs Cybernetics:
Bull's Eye and Version 9
Will Bull's Eye and his trickery prevail over Version 9 and his relentless robot gang?

Losers will be eliminated and winners will advance to the next round.

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