Six-Way Discipline Duel
The Battle of the Disciplines continues as we get ready for the second contest--The Six-Way Battle.

Gladiators in this event just like the 16-Gladiators one-on-one Tourney are only allowed to use one discipline in order to win. However, this is a six-way battle between the best 4VP gladiators in the Ophidian Leagues, including members of the newly inducted Justich Federation. Each gladiator will represent one of the six disciplines, and only one discipline will prevail.

The rules are here...

  1. 6 gladiators compete, all at the same time in one arena, facing each other. As they fight, they will eliminate the others and only one will remain and be the winner!
  2. Each discipline has a 4VP gladiators representing it.
  3. Each gladiator selects one discipline he or she knows, and that gladiator may only use that discipline for the rest of the tournament.
  4. Using a discipline other than the one selected will result in a disqualification.

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