Three-Way Match Results
Here are the results of the three-way match...

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The Liberty Center was modified for this special three-way match. A metallic hill was built in the center of the arena. It had a one-way phased filter built around it which, while activated, would allow the three gladiators inside to be able to get outside, but once they passed the filter completely, there would be no way back in. Inside the filter was a manual control panel which any character inside could press down to keep the filter up. If no one pressed it down, the filter would be inactive and anyone can come and go freely. The winner of the match would be the last gladiator standing or the only gladiator in the hill with the filter up.

In addition, each gladiator starts outside the hill on their own starting spot, which during the match might produce a Credit Point bonus up for grabs. Any gladiator that reaches the spot will be given a CP bonus at the end of the match.

First Taa Ra entered the arena and stood on her starting spot outside the hill, she was focused for this match. Then Simon Bantus came in adjusting his goggles, looking a little nervous. Finally, The Stallion entered and waved to his fans. One or two females threw flowers at him. He bowed to them and then went to his spot.

The crowd counted down with the starting clock and a loud buzzer signaled the start of the match. The fans cheered as Stallion and Taa Ra ran to the top of the hill. Simon began to affect one of them with an aura. The Stallion stopped at the top of the hill, looked at Taa Ra, and opened his arms in a question. He said no shaking his finger at her and then pointed to Simon. The Stallion didn’t want to fight Taa Ra. In response, Taa Ra lunged for him and hit him in the gut with a shoulder strike.

“Oooo,” the fans jested and then cheered her on. Meanwhile, Simon placed an aura on himself. Taa Ra took a look at him and then continued to attack Schaeffer Steelarm, however this time, the gladiator twisted her arm in a joint lock. Taa Ra rolled off the hill and The Stallion rushed for Simon as he took out a pair of electro chains. Simon used his power to create a conduit around himself. The Stallion paused and then quickly changed his strategy.

He wrapped his chains around Simon, jumped over him, and then flipped the Fish right into the arena wall. The fans cheered. Simon was down but not out, however The Stallion had to get back on the hill. Taa Ra was heading for the control panel already. The Stallion took out a rocket launcher and shot at Taa Ra. She tried to dodge it, but was hit and rolled to the bottom of the hill. The Stallion ran to the top and pushed down the control, however Taa Ra had one hand inside and thus she stopped Stallion from winning for the moment.

The Stallion came down to roll Taa Ra out, however she was playing dead and grabbed his head in a Psi attack. The Stallion’s deepest fears became heightened and he screamed.

Simon got up on the other side of the arena and healed himself. Then he ran to the hill. He healed Taa Ra and together they rolled Stallion out, who was slowly recovering from his phobia attack.

Then Taa Ra tried a mind-raid on Simon, but Simon resisted using mystical aura protection. Suddenly a CP bonus was generated on top of Taa Ra’s starting spot. Taa Ra paused, then ran for it. Stallion made a start for it but realized that Simon could win the match right here. He wrapped his chains around Simon and tripped him. As Stallion moved in for the kill, Simon broke free of the electro chains and charged The Stallion for an attack. He had sparks running up and down his body as he felt unstoppable. The Stallion took the hit and still stood on both legs, although they were shaky. The fans were surprised.

Now it was his turn to return the favor. Simon put his hands up for protection but they didn’t stop his finisher, the one-two punch. The Stallion knocked Simon out and eliminated him from the match. More roars from the crowd.

As The Stallion was about to lock Taa Ra out and win the match, he thought he saw someone very familiar in the arena front row. He totally forgot everything and ran to that person, but she wasn’t really there. It was Taa Ra’s trickery which distracted Steelarm and gave her the win. He shook his head in anger and looked at Taa Ra on top of the hill, but then gave her a nod of approval and walked away.

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