Three-Way Doubles Match
We have a very interesting match here involving three of the top gladiators in the Ophidian League. The rivalry goes back to Freakshow and Lothar's preseason match, where Freakshow barely beat the alien. It continued to the Six-Way Discipline Duel where Ironsides entered the rivalry, and Lothar won the match. Now, it is down to these three gladiators again, plus three more. Bullís Eye will join Freakshow, Striking Dragon will join Ironsides, and Pago will join Lothar. Together all six gladiators will fight with this stipulation: if you lose your partner, both gladiators on the team will be eliminated. Thatís right, teamwork becomes twice as important because each team will either win together or lose together.

The Rules

  1. Each team has a 4VP and a 2VP gladiator.
  2. Each 2VP gladiator's disciplines are limited to the disciplines their 4VP partner can use.
  3. A team is eliminated from the match once one or all its members are defeated.

Who's Competing
Freakshow and Bull's Eye
Ironsides and Striking Dragon
Lothar and Pago

2-on-2 Three-Way Match Pre'terviews
We talked with all three teams before the match...

(Ironsides towers behind Striking Dragon.)
Striking Dragon: All our opponentís should be aware, our skills and abilities will defeated them in the match.
(Ironsides steps forward.)
Ironsides: Freakshow, you are troublesome, but we can handle you. Lothar, we have a plan for you too. Your powers will be ineffective this match. No more black ooze, I can guarantee it.

(Pago is alone.)
Pago: It is a pleasure for me to be able to partner up with such a great alien competitor. Itís been a while, Lothar, but the time has come for alien dominance in the arena. WATCH OUT Freak-slow and Rusty-sides, your partners will not give you the added power that me and Lothar get. Pago over and Pago out!
(Pago raises his arms in the air and skips away singing a Ulescue battle song.)

(Freakshow is accompanied by two beautiful groupies, one under each arm, and behind him stands a demonic bouncer.)
Freakshow: Once again, the Ophidians have arranged a match for you, my adoring fans. (He asks one of the girls...) Who can beat Freakshow? (She shakes her head no. Freakshow looks ahead.) Not these scrapagons! They better not team up on me like last time, but if they do I got some aura strategy that might make them think twice. Har ha har.
(He leaves with the groupies.)

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