Raffi's Announcer Contest Entries
Rules: Pick a card in the set and make up an exciting story to go with the image on the card. It can be from the point of view of an announcer, a narrator, or even a character in the image. The story you write should be 50-200 words. Don't worry if you go over or under by a few sentences.
Rules of Voting: Vote for which story (while keeping with the theme of Ophidian) is the most entertaining. Voting will take place here. Voting ends Jan 1. Names will be posted after the results are in unless otherwise requested.

Entry #1 (Inner Demons)

Itís Arena Time, my nameís Raffi and I will be your Announcer for the tonight. Tonight I will not showcase any particular gladiator, or a particular move, but instead I will focus the worst enemy that a Gladiator might have in the Arena, himself!
You might have a great strategy or even being a 4 LV Gladiator, but that wont saves you what you start shaking, and felling dizzy.
I still remember a strange happening in a Justich arena some years agoÖ A Gladiator was on a victory march, he was the crowd favorite and was almost annihilating his adversary when he starts looking around with a gazing eyes, then without any reason he turns his dagger and stabs it into his own chest! The crowd went on frenzy, and every one thought that was a publicity act, but no, the Gladiator drop dead in the arena, leaving his adversary victorious. After the match his agent told the Spy-link News that is Gladiator was with some justice problems, and has written a letter prohibiting reanimation. Those were his way to run his Inner Demons. So my friends Gladiators, prey for every time you enter the Arena, cause you donít know if youíll be leaving it alive.
Thatís all for today, itís Arena Time.

Entry #2 (Cray Phillips, level 1&2)

Cray stands off in front of his opponent, both gladiators staring each other down. With a look of disdain at his opponent, Cray opens up the fight with a insult, "Nice cloths. (makes hand go limp and shakes it) Are those man cloths were you come from or does your boyfriend dress you that way?" Taken back by the insult, Cray's opponent flares up in rage as the crowd laughs at the insult and mimics Cray's gesture. Then without notice, Cray lets loose with his Arm Blade taking a nice slice out of his opponent. AND THE FIGHT IS ON ... as these two gladiators lock up in this close quarter match.

Entry #3 (Double Team)

Based off of the War card "Double Team" from the point of view of a pair of announcers (We'll call them "Skip" and "Da Baron") calling the action.
Skip: Fireball and Ax-Master are going to team up against the Titano, the Titan of Tarn!! Titano might be in trouble here!
Da Baron: Hey, there may be nothing in the rules against this, but I still think that those two need to go clone themselves by the dozen before taking on Titano.
Skip: Two Dozen clones? Isn't that alittle overkill, Baron?
Da Baron: Not when it comes to Titano, it doesn't!! And even then that might not be enough!!

Entry #4 (Nukatal Boom-Rang)

And now berserker is doing a new line of robots, he is making the sleek and perfect Anbrus Oxioxide Droids. Look out! Version nine is grabbing a nukatal boom-rang, he is pulling his arm back and wham! it is flying towards berserker, but berserker's robot tries to divert the communication between Version 9 and the boomerang. it's working, the boomerang is losing direction and berserker sticks his tongue out at version 9, but look out, first version 9 pretends to be mad, but in reality he is planning this all along. the boomerang turns again and hits the robot. the arms fall off, sparks are flying everywhere and a screeching sound is made as the robot spins his head around and falls over. version 9 catches the boomerang right in its middle and looks at berserker. berserker is now out of CP thanks to version 9's trick but now version 9 is going to kick his butt. he throws the boomerang again and this time hits Berserker. and the winner of the match! Version 9.

Entry #5 (Soul Bleed)

Hogart was ready to fight. his plasma pistol was loaded and ready to fire. His team was in the front of the battle, holding off an invasion.
Hogart decided to go around the back. after crawling under the arena in a tunnel, he came out on a back area of the enemy's fortress.
There was a beautiful woman there. He was about to shoot her but he decided that she wasn't a tough challenge and he laughed at her.
She walked up to him and kissed him. The kiss was actually her attack. She was drinking his souls blood.
He opened his eyes too late and there was this ghost like demon draining his energy. he took out his gun, but could not shoot it, and in a short moment, he fell to the floor unconscious.
The Ghost went back into the female form, it was a spectral mystic gladiator known as Madame Petice who won 3 Vp for her team with that move.

Entry #6 (Breeding Larvae Fields)

I was in a field of unhatched pods, trying to sneak around the army of Prince of Gates. My friend and teammate Striking Dragon was killed by an Iron Monster and a hungry unborn was looking for me. Freakshow was out there somewhere, too busy thinking about his hair and his cheerleaders instead of trying to help me win the match. Suddenly I heard a noise behind me, without hesitating I used my rocket launcher to blast 2 shots into whoever was trying to sneak up on me. but there was no one there. I accidentally shot a pod. suddenly, all the pods around me started shaking and hatching. I got up and ran as fast as i could and wished I had a bombers right now.

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