Raffi's Announcer Contest
Here's a fun contest for anyone who's ever wanted to be an announcer. Pick a card in the set and make up an exciting story to go with the image on the card. It can be from the point of view of an announcer, a narrator, or even a character in the image. The story you write should be 50-200 words. Don't worry if you go over or under by a few sentences. Send me your story with your address subject is Raffi's Announcer Contest. At the end, I'll post your story on the website. Everyone will vote for your contest using a poll based on which story while keeping with the theme of Ophidian is the most entertaining. See the Guide, Journals, News, and Events in the Spy-Link Area, the Bios in the Gladiators Area, and the chapters of the Freakshow Saga to get a better feel of the Ophidian universe. One entry per person. The deadline has been extended to December 19. Good luck. (Names will not be posted until after the poll is over.)

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