Gregg’s Incredibly Wacky Contest for Those Who Enjoy Pure Madness
The contest is to see who can make the most entertaining interview. In my excitement of heading to DragonCon (Having a 4-way match with Keegantir, MasterGolem, and RasmsesofNile?), I somehow talked Raffi into recording a couple of interviews so you can get an idea of the benchmark to beat.

Here’s what you do. Pick an interview from the site and record it! Improv is allowed!; When you’re done, email us the file! Have fun with it!

Pago’s Interview
Interviewer: Pago, we can't believe you got disqualified from the match, what are your feelings on that?
Pago: My feelings? Are you dense? Can't you see me screaming in anger here?
Interviewer: Could you tell us the story behind Pago's Paws?
Pago: Now you are asking the good questions. Pago's Paws represent the awesome collective power of all aliens in combat and in the known universe! No one can beat an alien in a fair fight! Everyone knows that! Don't you know that!? And what happened just now is a perfect example of this huck! I was cheated out of my shot! My fans were robbed of seeing their favorite alien athlete rise through the ranks! Raaaaaa! (Pago jumps down a 15 foot staircase and crashes into a vending machine, he kicks the machine, bites a snackwich, spits it out, and leaves.)
Interviewer: Well, folks, Pago has spoken.

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Berserker’s Interview
Interviewer: Berserker, congratulations on winning the match, would you care to make a statement?
Berserker: You are an idiot.
Interviewer: In the match, you used a lot of rustic robots--not your usual style, how come you didn't use any berserk bots?
Berserker: The answer is clear as a quadratic tri-helix equation... my berserk bots function better on teams, especially those which contain aggressive members. Since this was a one-on-one contest, they would not have been the right tools for the job, as one such as yourself might say.
Interviewer: What other amazing inventions will you come up with and when will you reveal them?
Berserker: Bah! Don't change the subject like that, we were talking about the match, it is illogical. And my inventions are none of your business. Now get lost or I'll call security!

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Outtake; Another Outtake

We are updating our forums to a new software, which will include Polls, which means YOU pick the winner! The winner will receive 5 Boosters. The contest ends on September 12th. Please email all interviews to and files must be under 300kb, one entry per person.

Also, once the forums are updated with polls, we will pick a winner for contest 2 (Sorry for the delay).

Good Luck,

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