Senwin Oldos
VP: 3
Name: Senwin Oldos
Type: Human / Construct
Gender: Male
Origin: Unknown
Disciplines: Psi / Cybernetic
Biography and Timeline

As the son of a single mother, the identity of Senwin Oldos father is in much debate. As a child, he showed early signs of psychic abilities. His most powerful trick was a mental parachute. He would show off by jumping from a high building, give in to the acceleration of gravity, and before hitting the ground, psychically create an updraft that would slow his fall. When asked how he could do it, he would say, "My father must be the wind."
Senwin performed his mental parachute trick one time too many. Failing to create the necessary force to stop his fall, he nearly killed himself. In order to save Senwin's life, his mother used all of her money to give him cybernetic implants. Despite this second chance on life, Senwin was ready to give up. His mother called upon family friend, Naru "Striking Dragon" Kami to help Senwin.
Naru Kami taught Senwin he was now better than human, and his cybernetic parts would be a valuable asset in the Ophidian Arenas. He also hinted that he knew who Senwin's father was, and he could find out more by competing in Ophidian. Senwin grew restless with Naru Kami's rigorous training, and longed to develop his Psi abilities. He was a fan of Queen Alexandra, and with the help of Naru, arranged a special one-on-one fight with her. To the surprise of everyone, Senwin defeated Queen Alexandra. She agreed to take him under her wing and help him train. The Ophidians were stunned he could defeat such a high ranking gladiator, and quickly signed him up, giving him a 3 V.P. rank.

2336 Senwin shows off a mental ability to control wind drafts, giving him the nickname Son of Winds.
2348 A failed attempt at showing off his abilities brings Senwin near death. Parts of his body are replaced with cybernetic implants. Naru Kami volunteers to train Senwin. He tells Senwin he can find his father's identity by competing in the Ophidian League.
2350 Senwin defeats Queen Alexandra in a special match. She decides to further his training. The Ophidians give him a 3 V.P. rank.



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