Dagor Akk'thun
VP: 3
Name: Dagor Akk'thun
Type: Construct / Demon
Gender: Male
Origin: Dkarthad, Raskelon System
Disciplines: Portal / War
Biography and Timeline

Dagor Akk’thun is a former Raskelon Bounty Hunter, but after failing a mission were he had to kill G’Kullr, a rich lord who had much power on the Dkarthad Homeworld., he suffered a change of heart via a lot of credits and became a Dkarthad loyalist working for him.
But Dagor Akk’thun hadn’t give up all his former occupation as he recently was paid by G’Kullr to mess up and make the Stallion loose his grip and look bad under the Ophidian Lords and as that Dagor would solve his master inconvenience.
So he entered Ophidian League with two purposes, mess up with the Stallion and make Pago join the Dkarthads due the fact that both are Raskelons and have a loyalty for their System. For that he make the promise that Pago will be one of the Dkarthads as he would prove him and the known universe the Dkarthad power even if for that he killed Pago in the way.

2340 Dagor Akk’thun becomes a Bounty Hunter.
2349 Dagor Akk’thun fails a Bounty Hunter mission that required him to kill one of the leaders of Dkarthad.
2350 Dagor Akk’thun entered Ophidian League with two purposes, to mess up with The Stallion & Pago.



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