Cryst Mamigoyan
VP: 0
Name: Unknown
Type: Alien
Gender: Male
Origin: Unknown
Disciplines: Cybernetics
Biography and Timeline

Cryst Mamigoyan is an alien who looks as if he is made entirely out of grey cloudy gas. It is said that he has a solid body, but no one can support that claim. When he fights, his movements are fluid. Heís fast and can get to almost any part of the arena, squeezing through tight spots and climbing up high platforms. Cryst can leave a trail of thick gas behind him, clouding up the arena. This enables him to surround opponents without them realizing it. Aside from that, not much is known about him physically.
Crystster, as Little Jinx calls him, is a not-so-effective Cybermancer. But his cloudy posture and his ability to talk fast have allowed him to attract the attention of his teammates. That coupled with his suggestions of odd but useful advice have made him close to many gladiators, including Little Jinx who became one of his best friends.
On his first Ophidian League match, he teamed up with Lothar and Little Jinx against Goth Garal, Bullís Eye, and the Berserker. His team won the match, but due to his ineffective Cybernetics skills Cryst Mamigoyan was given a 0 VP and placed as a Reinforcement Gladiator.

2350 Cryst fights in his first match in Ophidian and is placed as a reinforcement.



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